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The advantages of Dieng Tourism which is very suitable to be visited

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Indonesia is a country that has been blessed with a lot of natural beauty. So it is not surprising that there are so many tours that rely on its natural beauty. There are so many natural tourist attractions that have become very famous in Indonesia, for example the natural attractions in Kalibiru, Curug Leuwi Hejo, Madakaripura Waterfall, and many other tourist attractions that are very thick with natural nuances.

This proves that nature tourism is one of Indonesia’s own selling points. Central Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has many tourist attractions with natural nuances. Every natural tourist spot that appears always attracts attention and can prove its existence to compete with other types of tourism.

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Central Java is the Dieng area. This tourist location is already very well known among tourists, both Indonesian and foreign tourists. The fame of Dieng is due to the advantages of Dieng tourism when compared to other tours, it does have a lot of very basic differences. There are so many tourist attractions in Dieng that have a special attraction that makes tourists will continue to be interested in coming to visit and enjoy the beauty of Dieng tourism.

Dieng itself is a highland that still has active volcanic activity to this day. So sometimes the tourists and the people of Dieng themselves can sometimes still find a sulfur fog that occasionally descends to cover the Dieng area. Based on the meaning of the word itself, Dieng means a place where the gods and goddesses reside. This may be true, this is because the scenery of Dieng is very interesting and very attractive to many people.

In addition, this location also has many cultural sites that are still used for religious ceremonies. This is also one of the advantages of Dieng tourism when compared to other tourist locations. Some of the advantages of Dieng tourism which are very crucial and basic in themselves are things that cannot be underestimated. The advantages that make Dieng tourism very famous today are,

1. Adequate Supporting Facilities

Supporting facilities or supporting facilities from the main facilities are still a very important thing to pay attention to. This is because the existence of these supporting facilities is very important to make the main facilities more attractive and easier to visit and enjoy by tourists.

If the supporting facilities of a tourist site are not well maintained and adequate, it will be very difficult for the tourist site to survive and be able to compete with other tourist sites. If we look at the state of the tourist attractions in Dieng, we can see that the supporting facilities in the Dieng area are very adequate.

The local government has begun to pay special attention to the repair and construction of these supporting facilities. Now the supporting facilities in the Dieng area are starting to be neatly arranged, and are in a well-maintained condition. This is because Dieng itself is one of the tourist attractions that is the pride of the surrounding community. If the supporting facilities do not get attention and improvement, the number of tourists who will visit will decrease until it will decrease drastically. This of course will greatly affect the lives of the people of Dieng itself.

2. Many types of tourism in Dieng

dieng tourDieng is one part of a tourist spot in Banjarnegara and a tourist spot in Wonosobo. This is because the Dieng area is right in the two districts. if we visit the Dieng area then we will never be bored. This is because we will be able to enjoy various types of tours that will make us interested.

If we decide to spend our time in Dieng alone, then we will never be disappointed. We can make a schedule every day to visit tourist points in Dieng. This shows how many tourist sites are in Dieng, and how rich the Dieng area is with its natural beauty. Tourist spots that are well known in the Dieng area are the Arjuna temple complex and the Sikidang crater.

Besides that, Dieng is also an area that is quite attractive to be one of the spots to enjoy the sunrise in Central Java. The beauty of the sunrise in the Dieng area is already very famous. Lots of tourists who come to visit the Dieng Plateau just to be able to hunt for the view of the sunrise. Dieng itself is a plateau located right in the middle of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing.

3. Easy access to Dieng area

dieng tourAccess is one of the most important factors for a well-known tourist spot. Moreover, in this case we are talking about a tourist area with a large enough scale like Dieng. Then an easy path or road will make an area grow rapidly.

This ease of access itself is closely related to the completeness of the facilities and infrastructure that support the place. when the facilities are complete and neatly arranged, the first thing to build is the path or access. Access is a very important thing that should be a major consideration that should not be ignored. Dieng is a tourist place that has great ease of access.

We can go to the Dieng area from various directions and will still be able to get to the Dieng area easily. The local government has seriously built facilities in developing Dieng tourism. This ease of access itself is not only on the route that will go to Dieng, but also easy access when tourists are already in the Dieng area itself.

4. Interesting Dieng Area Location

Another advantage of Dieng tourism is its very attractive location. The location of Dieng is indeed very strategic, flanked by two mountains, and is located in two districts. This is one of the advantages that makes Dieng one of the tourist attractions in Central Java that we cannot just ignore.

Dieng itself has been known to be a very interesting tourist spot since the Dutch colonial era. In fact, if we draw further, Dieng has been famous since the days of the ancient Javanese kingdoms. So it is not surprising that Dieng is still famous today.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are several other advantages possessed by the Dieng area, such as:

  1. Dieng is a center for religious and spiritual tourism
  2. Local culture that is still maintained by the residents
  3. The number of inns that we can find around Dieng
  4. Tourism is a source of income for local people
  5. Very easy transportation to find
  6. The number of travel agents who participate in introducing Dieng tourism

So, those are the advantages of Dieng tourism that we can know. Dieng tourism is a very interesting and very beautiful tour. This is in accordance with its nickname as the abode of the gods. Hopefully the information is useful.

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