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The Advantages of Culinary Tourism that You Must Know

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Indonesia is a country that has a lot of tourism potential that can be said to be very diverse in its type. We see the beauty of Indonesia from the beautiful beaches to the dashing and challenging mountain peaks. All of these beauties make Indonesia one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. So do not be surprised if many tourist attractions in Indonesia are visited by foreign tourists. In addition to tourist attractions in Indonesia, it also attracts many local residents themselves.

In addition to the beauty of natural tourism, Indonesia also has many centers of cultural tourism, for example, cultural tourism in Yogyakarta, cultural tourism in Bali, and cultural tourism in Bandung. But basically Indonesia’s tourism potential is not only that. There is a type of tourism that is quite famous in Indonesia, namely Culinary Tourism. This type of tourism also attracts many tourists who come to Indonesia, there are many advantages of culinary tourism that we can get.

The advantages of culinary tourism is not a strange thing if we look more deeply. Indonesia itself is a country that has many tribes spread all over Indonesia. Each of these tribes certainly has a lot of different cultures. Culture is not only in the form of dance, clothing, language, buildings and customs and ceremonies. Culture can also be shaped as food. The diversity of food in Indonesia is very much and varied.

The difference in food is what makes culinary tourism a type of tourism that is quite interesting for us to do. The diversity of types of food in Indonesia sometimes also occurs within the same tribe. Sometimes one tribe has food of the same type, but has a different taste. Culinary tourism is a tour that is quite interesting for us to do. In addition, there are several advantages of culinary tourism that we can know. Some of the advantages possessed by culinary tourism are, as follows:

1. Preserving Regional Culture

Just as with other forms of culture, whether in the form of buildings, songs, buildings or other objects. Culinary itself is also a cultural product that must be preserved by the original community. By offering a culinary tourism program, the parties involved have been trying to preserve the culture of the area.

Especially in today’s era where everything is measured by modernity, so many elements of local culture are marginalized, including regional specialties. There may even be some regional specialties that are difficult for us to find in general. Indeed, there are some regional specialties that are only intended for certain special events. However, this does not become a parameter that all special foods must appear in a special event only. The use of culinary as an item to attract tourists is certainly an interesting thing to do. Moreover, local tourists also participate in efforts to maintain and preserve the local specialties.

2. Culinary tourism is an alternative tourist attraction

culinary tourCurrently, it can be said that there is still little attention devoted to making culinary tourism programs as an alternative type of tourism. In fact, if we look deeper, the potential for culinary tourism has a great opportunity to be used as a destination and reference for different types of tourism from other types of tourism that have been known to tourists.

Moreover, if we look again, there are lots of culinary tourism locations that are very famous in some areas. Such as culinary tourism in Yogyakarta, places to eat with natural nuances in Bandung, places to eat with natural nuances in Bogor, and many other places to eat that can be visited. If foreign tourists may have been too used to modern food, then this is where the role of traditional culinary can be very unique.

So far, the traditional culinary delights served by many tourists are traditional restaurant-style culinary delights. However, if the traditional culinary is directly served in a traditional way, it certainly has its own advantages. There are so many culinary places that have such potential in various regions in Indonesia. However, the fundamental problem is the lack of attention from related parties.

3. Culinary tourism can increase regional income

culinary tourIndonesia is a country that no doubt has a lot of beautiful natural scenery that is interesting. However, not all areas have the same natural beauty with one another. However, it can be ascertained that each region has a culinary that is unique and different from other regions. This is what should be developed by the region concerned.

By developing the culinary potential, an area can get the possibility to make culinary tourism one of the selling points of the area. In addition, the tourists who come and visit the area can help the area to increase the income of the area. This is sure to be a pretty fun solution.

Where tourists can enjoy a culinary that is different from others, residents of the area can have new sources of income, and local governments will have new sources of possibilities to be able to increase their sources of regional income. Currently, there are many parties who make their culinary uniqueness a selling point. And many travel agents are starting to look to incorporate this culinary tour into the tour package program they offer.

4. Means to Get to Know Diversity

Another advantage of culinary tourism is that culinary tourism can be one of the best ways to introduce cultural diversity to the general public. There are many ways that we can use as a way to introduce cultural diversity to the community, however, one way that can be taken is by using culinary tourism.

This is because culinary is something that is definitely liked by many people, even though that person is not someone who likes eating, but unique food and bars are known to be very interesting. Through culinary, people will be able to recognize that this country has many different tribes and cultures. And all the tribes and cultures are very interesting and must be taken care of each other.

In addition to some of the advantages mentioned above, there are still several other advantages that we can get

  1. Open new business opportunities
  2. It is possible to maintain the existence of regional culinary
  3. Can revive public awareness of local culture
  4. It can be a way to explore other potentials.

Well, those were some of the advantages of culinary tourism that we can know. Culinary is one of the cultural products that we must and must preserve. In addition, you must maintain the presence of special foods from an area. Hopefully the information was useful.

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