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The 10 Most Popular Hangout Places in West Jakarta

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Not only South Jakarta, which is the center of fun associations and has an exciting hangout. If you are in West Jakarta and confused about finding a good place to eat and drink while gathering or being there meeting relax, then there are some places that can Popbela recommend.

Don’t worry, Bela, this choice of place doesn’t have to bother you by entering the mall and looking for parking. Worth a try, here it comes 8 recommended hangout places in West Jakarta that are hits and most comfortable!

1. Koepi Terrace

With a comfortable place to sit inside or outside, Teras Kopei of course presents a terrace with a mixed industrial style that feels homey like in your own front garden.

With affordable prices, starting from Rp. 15 thousand – Rp. 30 thousand, you no need to be afraid your pocket money will be drained, Bela. Interestingly, the food menu here is more chinese food, such as fried rice, kwetiau, cap cay and various dim sum. As the name implies, don’t forget to try the coffee as well. yes.

Address: Jalan Duri (TSS Raya) Number 15A, North Duri, Tambora, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: 09.00-23.00

2. Past Coffee

Based on Popbela’s experience, you will feel more comfortable enjoying coffee and dishes indoors, because the outdoor terrace is just ordinary. But, all the food and coffee servings are really good very! Nothing disappoints, you know.

Located right next to The Foodhall Kebon Jeruk, Kopi Lalu also has coffee milk on the go now again hits. You can also order delivery, if you can’t come to this place.

Address: Jalan Raya Perjuangan Number 11, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: 08.00-23.00

3. Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop

If you are looking for a place drinking coffee and get together which instagrammablethen you no will be able to take photos only once at Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop.

With a wood blend interior and beautified by cactus, macrame and other green plants, it makes the atmosphere more comfortable. The food menu is quite a lot, but it’s more focused on the menu westerns. Like various toasts, pasta, salads or comfort food other.

Address: Jalan Mandala Utara Number 29C, Tomang, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: Monday-Friday: 08.00-20.00, Saturday-Sunday: 08.00-22.0

4. Tuttonero Coffee & Eat

Imagine hanging out here enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, watching the rainy weather outside. Ooh, that’s so much fun Bela!

Artsy, cool, Instagrammable, the main attraction for people to come to Uttonero Coffee & Eat. The variety of food is also quite a lot, with medium prices. That is around Rp. 35 thousand – Rp. 110 thousand. The majority of the menu provides western dishes, such as various pastas, soupssandwiches, burgers, until steak. But this place also provides a good Asian menu no less tempting, such as pecking duck and Japanese curry rice.

Address: Jalan Panjang Number 16, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: Sunday-Thursday: 10.00-23.00, Friday-Saturday: 10.00-00.00

5. Trade Coffee

Quite often a stopover for cyclists, this coffee shop even though it is still relatively new, you know, Bela. Although the place is not too wide, but the atmosphere is very comfortable, because it is surrounded by shady trees.

The menu is not too much, because the majority of processed coffee and dessert like donuts and cakes. Suitable for those who really want to chat casually while sipping coffee.

Address: Jalan Kemanggisan Raya Number 20, Kemanggisan, Palmerah, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: Monday-Saturday: 09.30-22.00, Sunday: 12.00-18.30

6. Events

Not a coffee shop, this shop serves herbal drinks in a modern style in West Jakarta. Eventki managed to win the hearts of many fans from all walks of life to want to drink herbal medicine with a more contemporary appearance.

The presentation of the herbal medicine is unique, because it uses techniques and equipment to make coffee. For example French press, cold drip, to tools espresso press. In addition to herbal preparations with fresh ingredients, there are also unique drinks that are more modern, such as herbal medicine latte and herbs with a mixture of soda.

Address: Kerta Niaga 3 Building, Jalan Kali Besar Timur, Kota, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: 10.00-22.00

7. Onni House

For those of you who like plants, you might go crazy and panic if you enter the Onni House, because you are confused, want to hang out first the cafe or plant shopping! The atmosphere is warm and shady, very comfortable to be used as a place to talk with friends or work individually remotes.

In addition to offering antiques and various types of plants, Onni House serves local food, such as gado-gado, tempe mendoan, to spicy and sour snapper. There is also a mix of western and Japanese cuisine, with a food price range of Rp. 22 thousand – Rp. 120 thousand per serving. While the price of drinks ranges from Rp. 19 thousand – Rp. 40 thousand per glass.

Address: Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara V, No. 242, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: 11.00-21.00

8. Vilo Artisan Gelato

Delicious & Cozy Guarantee, These are 8 Fun Hangout Places in West

If you and your gang are not coffee lovers, then you can stop by Vilo Artisan Gelato. The taste variants are so many and unique, it will make you confused about which flavor to choose. For example, magic unicorn, crunchy Ferrero Rocher, to the strange; the gelato flavored gado-gado that became the icon. In addition to gelato, they also have affogato, milkshake, coffee preparations, and up-to-date cheese tea.

Address: Jalan Surya Wijaya Blok AA2 Number 35, Green Ville, West Jakarta.
Operating hours: 11.00-23.00

Those are the eight places to hang out with delicious food in West Jakarta. Don’t forget to stop by yes!

Disclaimer: This article was written in IDN Times with the title “10 Popular Hangout Places in West Jakarta, Must Come Here!” by Putriana Cahya

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