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Summer vacation tips to stay fresh and fit Summer vacation tips

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Summer is one of the most awaited seasons by some tourists. This is because this season is a suitable season for traveling. The small chance of rain being one of the causes. But this season also has its threats so you need the following summer vacation tips to guarantee a great holiday.

What are the tips? Let’s take a look at our Summer Vacation Tips

1. Determine a safe tourist spot

Before other summer vacation tips, the first tips we will give about summer vacations in other countries is to determine a safe tourist destination for you. Summer is a season that offers holidays in full sun. However, conditions this summer are not all safe to do. There are also some tourist destinations that have very extreme temperatures so it is best not to visit for summer tourism.

Usually countries with 4 seasons often have very dangerous summers. For example in Korea, there are times when the summer temperature reaches over 400 C. In a temperature like this, tourism will not be optimal to do. So for those of you who want to travel to new places, make sure the temperature there supports your tour. Don’t let you fall sick because of the unfriendly temperature.

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2. Bring a drink

The next summer vacation tip is to always bring a drink with you. Summer or summer is the right time for a vacation but it is also quite a dangerous time as mentioned earlier. This is because in the summer it will be cheaper to sweat so it will be easier for you to become dehydrated. If dehydration occurs and you don’t get help right away, you could pass out on the road or even die during your trip. You definitely don’t want this to happen, do you? Therefore, don’t forget to always bring a drink with you when you travel.

To check whether your body is in good condition or not, in terms of water needs, you can check urine when urinating. When you do not urinate, then your water needs are definitely less. In addition, if you urinate and see that the urine has a dark brown color, then you are definitely experiencing a lack of water.

3. Sunblock


Sunblock is one thing that is no less important in your summer vacation tips. If you can find a sunblock that has waterproof properties. This will help you to reduce sun exposure on your skin even if you are already sweating. For those of you who have light skin, use a sunblock with a higher SPF. In addition, if you are in the sun for a long time, apply your sunblock every 2 hours. This is very important because no matter how big the SPF of your sunblock, it will lose its power within 2 hours.

Don’t forget to bring a hat and glasses

Don't forget to bring a hat and glasses

In addition to protection with SPF, providing direct body protection is also an important thing to do. This direct protection is done by using devices such as hats and glasses, to be able to use this equipment you can buy it at your tourist destination, but if you want to save money, bringing it from home is also not wrong.

5. Bring aloe vera gel

Bring aloe vera gel

In summer vacation, one of the summer vacation tips that we will give is about skin products that must be brought besides sunblock. In addition to sunblock, another product that you must have is a product that contains aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is one of the right solutions to help you avoid skin problems such as burning skin, redness to sensitivity problems.

Sunburned skin will become more sensitive so it is more susceptible to acne. But not only acne, sensitive skin is also more prone to skin diseases such as cancer.

6. Choose comfortable clothes

Choose comfortable clothes

Sometimes the purpose of a person’s travel is to get an interesting photo. But even though your goal is to get interesting photos that are instagramable, make sure that comfort is your priority. Avoid using clothes that are less comfortable, such as clothes that don’t absorb sweat well. T-shirts or other cotton clothes can be the best choice for your summer trip.

7. Use protection on hair

Use protection on hair

This is not a common thing to do, but if you don’t want your hair to be damaged after the summer holidays, then do some protection for your hair. You can use a special hair product in the form of a spray to protect your hair. The purpose of using this spray is to protect hair from sunburn and the effects of pollution.

Apart from helping your hair stay healthy, the use of hair protectors in these summer vacation tips is also very important and helps in overcoming the problems you are concerned about while taking photos. Many people worry about limp hair when taking photos by protecting your hair.

8. Don’t forget to bring snacks

Don't forget to bring snacks

Drinks are important things that will help you to stay healthy and hydrated. Even so food is also important for those of you who are on vacation in the summer. Snacks will help you to maintain your blood sugar so you will not feel weak even though you are on vacation in the sun. To be healthier, make sure the snack you choose is a delicious and healthy snack, so you should prepare it, don’t buy it.

9. Take vitamins

Drink vitamin

The difference in temperature in Indonesia and in the country you are going to visit for your summer vacation can be a health problem. Therefore, make sure to always carry and consume vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition, vitamin C will also help increase your stamina so there is no longer a word tired after the holidays. So in addition to keeping you healthy while on vacation, taking vitamin C will also help you stay healthy afterward. This is one of the most important summer vacation tips to do.

10. Hand sanitizer or wet wipes

Hand sanitizer or wet wipes

These two products are no less important than skin care and protection products. By using this product you will find it easier when you want to eat your snack. Summer vacation tips allow you to be calm and comfortable when you can’t find a place to wash your hands because you can wash your hands immediately using this device.

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