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Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion, New American Diva Announces Pregnancy | Hipwee

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Rihanna's Iconic Fashion, New American Diva Announces Pregnancy

Who doesn’t know Rihanna? Diva from America who of course still exists today. In the past he was a big hit because of the song Umbrella.

Recently she again shocked the world with the news of her pregnancy which she announced in an unusual way. He was seen walking in one of the New York City areas with a jacket pink which is not covered in the stomach to show baby bump-his.

Suddenly his style this time immediately became a public discussion. Apparently, this is not the only time Rihanna has worn clothes with an iconic style on various occasions. So, what are Rihanna’s other iconic fashions? Let’s find out!

1. First, there is Rihanna’s fashion when she attended the Met Gala which was held in 2021 yesterday

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna’s outfit at the Met Gala / Credit: IG @badgalriri

2. Fashion pregnancy reveal The iconic Rihanna. He’s wearing a long jacket or trench coat color pink Chanel fashion house with a pair of jeans baggy with pieces boyfriend style

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna announces pregnancy / Credit: IG @bagdalriri

3. Last Halloween, Rihanna chose cosplay became one of the rappers from America namely Gunna. He was seen wearing an all black outfit with a leather vest and shoes boots

Rihanna’s iconic fashion

Rihanna on Halloween / Credit: IG @badgalriri

4. Rihanna stole the show again with her outfit while attending the Fenty Beauty anniversary celebration in Sydney. She wore a short silver dress with a snakeskin motif along with a bucket hat matching

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna wears a snake motif dress / Credit: IG @badgalriri

5. Rihanna once looked stunning in a denim suit combined with a pink fur coat. She also looks unique with Cinderella shoes that are see-through and also blue lipstick!

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna in a fur coat / Credit: IG @badgalriri

6. For Rihanna there are many styles in wearing a dress, like wearing it above mom jeans and a white t-shirt. She looks cheerful in a purple translucent tulle dress in her own way

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna in a dress with jeans and a t-shirt / Credit: IG @badgalriri

7. Rihanna has also appeared unusual in a white ribbon-shaped dress when she was attending The Diamond Ball charity event. He uses cloth lace as an interior as a complement to the giant ribbon

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna wears a super big ribbon / Credit: IG @badgalriri

8. Lastly, there is fashion casual Rihanna watching football. He seems to be using shearling coat brown color combined with jeans

Rihanna’s Iconic Fashion

Rihanna’s ball-shaped bag steals attention / Credit: IG @badgalriri

Rihanna is a fashion and beauty icon that has been recognized by many people, she even has her own beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, which is worldwide. In terms of the styles above, which one do you like the most?

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