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Recommended 5 Strongest Heroes in AOV

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So far, Arena Of Valor or commonly called AOV has had 71 extraordinary heroes, each of which has different skills or abilities. Divided into 6 different classes or hero roles (Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Archer, Support), each of them also has their own weaknesses and strengths in using them.

Well, related to that, here IDN Times will provide a review of the 5 strongest heroes from AOV whose information is compiled based on the meta that occurs each season and how many fans or users of the hero itself. Here’s the review.

1. Maloch

Mandatory Use, These are the 5 Strongest Hero Recommendations in

The first strongest AOV hero came from one of the heroes with the most ‘terrible’ designs, namely Maloch. Maloch is known as the best tanker hero with damage from his very strong magic power.

5 seasons of AOV have passed and Maloch each topped the list of the most powerful heroes on AOV. Maloch is also known to be extraordinary when clearing minions or starting battles against opposing hero troops.

In addition, Maloch is also often used as a shield for archers for long-range attacks. For both offensive and defensive strategies, Maloch is the top hero that you should consider using.

2. Lauriel

Mandatory Use, These are the 5 Strongest Hero Recommendations in

Of the 5 heroes on this list, Lauriel is the hero with the highest damage or the most ‘sick’. Mastering the control of Lauriel is indeed quite difficult, but if you can master it well, then Lauriel can be the most feared hero of opponents in the arena.

If you get a blue lighted buff, Lauriel can easily overcome enemy hero troops even in conditions of being beaten. Not only good in the early hours of the game, Lauriel is also very good at the end of the game.

Without a good crowd control ability, the chances for the enemy to die easily at Lauriel’s hands were even greater. Therefore, in international tournaments alone, around 80% of players choose Lauriel as their main hero.

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3. Ryoma

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Editor’s picks

Mandatory Use, These are the 5 Strongest Hero Recommendations in

Ryoma is a very strong hero because he has a super-fast combo that deals enormous damage to anyone who is hit. Before being released in the Gold Shop, Ryoma became one of the heroes who were rarely looked at and underestimated by most players.

Maybe the same as Lauriel, control for Ryoma does need a lot of time to adapt well. With his extraordinary skills and abilities, Ryoma is often used to attack alone in one lane.

If you have mastered Ryoma, you will easily get an increase in rank. So just like the Joker, Ryoma is the best hero to hunt down enemy heroes with low HP.

4. Murad

Mandatory Use, These are the 5 Strongest Hero Recommendations in

Next comes from Murad, one of the Assassin-type heroes who is very good when used to attack together. Despite getting a nerf in the previous update, Murad remains an option for a number of players.

In the final moments of the game, Murad becomes a worthy rival for Maloch or Lauriel. With the help of several skills he has, Murad is very good at avoiding enemy attacks or attacking the enemy himself.

Despite having a low HP, Murad is fairly difficult to catch or kill, because he has two extraordinary ‘escape’ skills. Highly recommended.

5. Nakroth

Mandatory Use, These are the 5 Strongest Hero Recommendations in

The last one is Nakroth, which every season always experiences something called a build item change. Every item built for Nakroth always ends up frightening the opposing army.

Therefore, Nakroth is one of the best heroes to increase rank. Thanks to its high level of mobility, Nakroth is also very good when used in team combat conditions or when secretly destroying enemy towers and then returning without the enemy noticing.

You could say, Nakroth became the most important hero for the team in every match. One of the reasons why Nakroth is liked by many players is the fact that he is very ‘slick’ when in battle. Nakroth could easily enter and exit the battle without being caught.

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