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Traveling abroad, is the best adventure that must be prepared carefully

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Trip or Traveling abroad, is the best adventure that must be prepared carefully in advance. Not only in terms of ordering plane tickets, and packing, but you have to make sure Your health, safety and budget are guaranteed. To help save your preparation time, check out the ‘Travel Checklist that you absolutely must prepare for your next long-distance trip!

1. Focus on Safety

One of the easiest & most important things on an overseas travel list, but also arguably the most overlooked. Travel insurance & warnings/guidance from the Embassy, ​​can be very important when there is an emergency situation abroad. However, many tourists feel they do not need and feel they will not be part of the percentage of tourists who need protection from the hotel/airline.

Follow the steps/instructions from the Embassy, ​​with the aim of helping you get the latest information on current & future restrictions, as well as information on areas of political unrest. Any warning you receive, will be very useful for you later.

Travel insurance can cost as little as a few dollars a day, and it can cover anything, from replacing a broken camera, to emergency medical care. So in fact, this has the potential to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in costs.

2. Sort Your Travel Documents and Credit Cards

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Make sure your passport, visa & all required documents are up to date or still valid. Some countries require a valid passport, at least 6 months after your scheduled return. So, make sure you won’t be rejected, or detained at customs, because of your old passport.

Keep all copies of your passport and other necessary documents, either digitally or photocopied. Just in case your documents are lost, you can provide a copy of the document and contact the closest person who can be contacted if you are in an emergency.

Confirm with the bank & credit card regarding your departure date, so they don’t refuse your purchase, and ask about International ATM fees so you know which one doesn’t cost you. It’s a good solution to carry a few cards in case one of your cards doesn’t work.

Don’t doubt how useful a passport photo can be on your phone. That will come in handy when you have to go to the consulate to report your lost passport, or to fill out a card that requires your passport number, chances are it will come in handy. You can also save your passport photo in your email, just in case your phone runs out of battery.

3. Inject Vaccines, or Vitamins

It’s a good idea to inject vaccines or vitamins before you go on a trip abroad, because you need to maintain your immune system for a few weeks. Consult & ask your doctor for recommendations for the type of vitamin or vaccine that should be injected. This is because the types of vitamins/vaccines vary from country to country.

4. Learn & Find Out About Your Destination

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Whether it’s from your traveling app/from a guidebook, having multiple sources for your destination information is invaluable. Learn about the area where you are traveling first, so that you get important information such as currency exchange rates, tip amounts, appropriate clothing, cultural customs/laws. But the most important thing is, so that you are not in a dangerous situation.

5. Make sure your phone can still be connected

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If you have never taken your cell phone abroad before, please contact your service provider/number operator, to make sure your cellphone/number still works in the country you are visiting & you can ask about internet packages/international phone packages that may be available. If your carrier plan is expensive, a mobile hotspot can be an alternative to save costs.

6. Download the Application for Your Vacation Needs

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Sometimes, it’s not just your phone that you have to carry in your suitcase/bag. Offline maps can be your best friend when traveling with limited cell phone quota/battery. You can find wifi in various places, but downloading Offline Maps via Google Maps will help your trip, without having to worry about your quota or battery running out.

7. Pack/Prepare These Essentials

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While the contents of the bag that you have prepared will depend on the climate/conditions you are going to visit, of course you want some important things you have prepared. For that, start checking the items you have to bring for trips abroad, such as:

  • Passport & Visa
  • Medications needed
  • Insurance & ID
  • Cash, Debit & Credit Card (ATM)
  • Pen, to fill in data information at customs
  • power bank
  • Earplugs, Eye Masks & Sleeping Medicine
  • Electrical Converters & Adapters for your purpose
  • Headphones
  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes
  • Scarf/Sweater
  • Phones & Chargers

Those are tips that you can apply, so that your trip abroad remains safe & fun. Don’t forget to check flight & hotel ticket offers only on NusaTrip! Download the NusaTrip application, on your Google Play & App Store, to make checking & transactions easier on your cellphone.

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