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If you ask the Festival that takes place in October, you will immediately think of the Halloween Festival. This festival is very famous in the world. In fact, there are several countries in the world that participate in celebrating this festival. There’s a parade with interesting costumes, some burning lanterns, some preparing food & sweets for the spirits, and more.

From time to time, ways to celebrate Halloween are now increasingly diverse, there are even recommendations for you, travelers, to celebrate Halloween. Namely, by visiting the haunted islands of the world! What are the islands that are said to be ‘haunted’?

1. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, United States

This island was used as a prison. Tourists can visit here, even take a tour at night. If you don’t want to visit Alcatraz Island, you can look at it by staying at the Argonaut Hotel. Anyone interested?

2. Island of Dolls, Mexico Untitled design (82)This island is south of Mexico City. When you visit there, you will see terrible dolls hanging from the trees. After visiting from the Island of Dolls, you can explore Mexico City by staying at Casa Jacinta Guest House. 3. Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy Untitled design (83)The city of Venice is famous for its rows of canals, bridges, to the architecture of its buildings. Well, one of the places that you can visit to get a scary sensation, is to Poveglia genkz Island! In some paranormal events, this island is considered haunted & creepy. The island was previously used as a quarantine station for PES sufferers in the 20th century and as a mental asylum during the 1920s. Wow, can you imagine how creepy it is?! 4. Isle of Wight, England

Untitled design (84)On this island you can perform supernatural activities/known as ‘Ghost Hunters’. You want to see the inhabitants of the island? It could be by walking along the haunted path there. Good luck!

5. Norfolk Island, Australia Untitled design (86)Norfolk Island is a small island located about 1,400 kilometers (877 mi) east of mainland Australia. Rumor has it, this island is haunted because it used to be, around the 19th century, the last settlement of the world’s cruelest criminals. Well, those are 5 haunted islands that you can visit when the Halloween festival arrives. Come on, collect the guts from now on! Confused about finding airline tickets & hotels for your holiday needs? Just NusaTrip! You can fly anywhere & from anywhere you want! Fly between Europe, Asia & America! Download the NusaTrip application on smartphone you, to make planning your vacation easier, not complicated!

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