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Not Just a Boss, Here Are 5 Characteristics of a True Leader

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Being a boss or manager is not the same as being a leader. Boss is a position that you get, a nickname that you pin behind your name after pouring effort and sweat at your job. Bosses have a special office that is different from other ordinary employees and what they say is very influential for the movement of the company.

Not all bosses are leaders. You don’t have to be a boss to be a good leader. In fact, there are not a few bosses in the work environment who are still not able to lead their employees well, resulting in dissatisfaction during work. For those of you who are still confused, here are 5 characteristics of leaders that distinguish them from ordinary bosses, don’t get them confused!

1. A leader will teach, not just tell

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Reported intelligent, according to Kris Fannin, one of the writers there, a boss will tell you the way out of a problem directly. Unlike a leader who will show you how and why you should do it.

That way, you don’t just do any task, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s important. You will understand the reason behind all the tasks given to you. A leader is able to encourage his subordinates to do something on the basis of personal motivation, rather than being forced.

2. A leader listens, then speaks

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A good leader will open his ears to hear every input from his employees. They understand the value of each employee and believe that everyone has the same opportunity and level to express their opinion.

Unlike the boss. A boss usually dominates the conversation. They want their employees to listen and obey their every direction just like that, without hearing their input. If this continues, employees will feel that their abilities are not appreciated during their work.

3. A leader is respected for ability and quality, not seniority

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Do you respect your boss because he is senior and much older or because of his qualities and abilities? A leader will be respected for his authority, all his members believe in him and his credibility. In contrast to a boss who is respected for mere seniority.

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Respect born of personal desire will grow into admiration, so it is not uncommon for a leader to become a leader over time role models for team members. On the other hand, respect due to seniority and age alone is likely to be short-lived.

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4. A leader wants you to be more successful than them, a boss wants to continue to be your boss

Not Just a Boss, Here Are 5 Characteristics of a True Leaderillustration of a boss in the office ( Shimazaki)

A leader always wants the best for his members. They even want their subordinates to be more successful and successful than themselves. They derive happiness and satisfaction from the success of their team members.

This is the opposite of a boss. Instead of wanting their members to develop into success, a boss wants to continue to be the boss of his team members. He derives happiness from his personal success, constantly improving himself regardless of the development of his team members.

5. A leader builds confidence, a boss builds fear

Not Just a Boss, Here Are 5 Characteristics of a True Leaderillustration of workers in the office ( Krukov)

A boss tries to instill fear in his members so that they will do what he says and not fight too much. Because of that, a boss usually immediately expects everyone to be in line with what he wants. They don’t want to hear what’s different about them.

It’s different with leaders. A leader will build your confidence, so you will not hesitate to express what you think. They earn your trust and don’t expect you to just obey. They want you to grow.

Those are the 5 characteristics of a leader that set him apart from ordinary bosses. Remember, anyone can be a boss, not everyone can be a leader. Leaders are not born overnight, they are the result of a continuous process of growth over years of experience.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you can use your authority as you please. Being a leader means that you accept the trust of your members to direct them on the right path towards achieving a common goal. Leaders motivate, not force.

How? Are you ready to be a leader?

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