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Luxury Fashion Labels Gucci, Balenciaga, and Burberry Take A Stand In Response To Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine, Follow In The Footsteps Of Small Brands

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The digital fashion market DressX, whose founder is Ukrainian, is actively raising funds for this crisis by creating digital collections where all proceeds will be donated to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and charity funds. His company also provides paid support to Ukrainian colleagues who have developed channels to connect and make sure their families are safe.

According to luxury analyst Luca Solca, there are reasons behind other luxury labels holding back from taking a stand.

“The reason why global labels, whether luxury or not, may be reluctant to get involved in global politics is because politics is divisive, whereas the goal of these labels is to appeal to everyone. They will be wiser and more considerate in their decisions. On the other hand, small brands will benefit by taking a stand and being vocal,” explained Luca Solca.

Estonian designer Roberta Einer regretted the attitudes of the fashion industry. According to him, the industry should also support Ukrainian models, designers and editors who attended Milan Fashion Week and are now considered refugees because they can no longer return to their homes.

“People continue to party, attend events and talk about fashion week as usual, almost as if they don’t realize we are on the verge of a Third World War,” says Roberta Einer.

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