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Horror and Mystical, Here are the 10 Most Haunted Horror Places in Thailand

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Thailand is a country that has many beautiful tourist attractions and is known for many historical tourist attractions. One of the countries that are targeted by tourists is no doubt the right holiday destination. But did you know that Thailand also has some horror and haunted places in Thailand? How many places in Thailand have historical stories that are believed to be horror and mystical to this day. Here are the 10 Most Haunted Places in Thailand

1. Bus Cemetery

One of the most haunted places in Thailand is the bus graveyard. In this one place there are so many abandoned vehicles that it is called a bus graveyard. The existing vehicles were obtained from buses that were no longer in operation or former accidents that claimed many lives.

The bus grave became very horror because not a few people heard the sound of crying for help looking for this location. In addition, it is not uncommon to hear a loud and crowded sound on one of the buses. But when he arrived the voice disappeared. Dare to visit this one place?


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2. Ratchada Road

Ratchada Road

The next most haunted place in Thailand is Ratchada Road. When passing through the road which is a bend in this one, you will certainly see a strange sight, namely the presence of offerings placed right beside the bend. This one bend has claimed many lives, namely more than 100 lives.

In this location, accidents and fatalities are very common. According to the testimony of survivors, crossing this corner, the victim saw a black figure jumping from a tree and blocking the road causing an accident. Not infrequently also on this road there are many sightings of the spirits of accident victims.

3. Thai Zhong . Tower

Thai Zhong . Tower

Thai Zhong Tower is one of the most haunted places in Thailand that you should know. This tower is a building with 32 floors known to be very haunted. This building has claimed many lives, ranging from suicides to being the location of a murder.

This one building has claimed approximately 5 lives. Its location right on the edge of the toll road makes this building very visible to motorists. Not a few motorists who witnessed a black figure jumping repeatedly from the top of the building. The figure is believed to be the spirit of those who lost their lives in this building.

4. Prostitute Graveyard

Prostitute Graveyard

Prostitute Graveyard is one of the most haunted places in Thailand which is quite popular. What was once a brothel is now inhabited by many sex workers. Some of them work of their own accord, while others work because they are forced or kidnapped. In this one location, you will feel a tense and scary atmosphere.

Not a few people have heard the screams of women and children from inside this building. Because some residents thought that there was a girl lost in the building, they were finally searched and found no one in the building. In addition to the voices of children and women, this one location also often hears screams and cruelty in the past. Terrible isn’t it?

5. Wat Pai Ngoen Temple

wat pai ngoen temple

There are a lot of the most haunted places in Thailand that are very scary, one of which is Wat Pai Ngoen Temple. This one place is where the 2002 fetus was found in a plastic bag. After being traced by the police, it turned out that the thousands of fetal carcasses came from an abortion clinic. At first the abortion clinic ordered the crematorium to cremate the fetuses. However, because the cremation equipment was damaged, the fetal carcass was left in a plastic bag.

Although currently thousands of cremated fetuses are no longer in the area, local residents say that babies often hear laughing and crying from this location. There is even one photo that is widely circulated in Thailand, namely the appearance of a baby at the location where the thousands of fetuses were found.

6. Teaching Chuan Ashram

teach chuan ashram

Some of the most haunted places in Thailand that are very scary sometimes actually make some people curious. One of the haunted places in Thailand is the Ajarn Chuan Ashram. At that location you will see many statues on display. What if the statues come from human body parts?

Ajarn Chuan Ashram is known to have many statues and some of them are statues made from pieces of human bodies. The pieces were intentionally glued together using black magic. No wonder some people say that the statue there looks alive and alive. Locals also believe that the statues there will come to life at night. No one is allowed to visit this one location when the sun has set.

7. Santika Pub

Santika Pub

On New Year’s Eve 2009, there was a big event at a club, namely Santika Pub. Unfortunately a tragedy occurred, namely a large fire that killed more than 60 people and injured more than 100 people.

Because of this incident, the location of the fire is now known to be one of the places of horror in Thailand. It is said that this place used to be the location of the murder scene. Until now, people still often see strange things. Not a few say that often hear the sound of crying and screaming from this Pub location.

8. Bang Pakong River Bridge

Bang Pakong River Bridge

When you are in Thailand, there are various places that are notoriously haunted. One of the most haunted places in Thailand is the Bang Pakong River Bridge.

This bridge is different from other bridges, because this bridge is famous for the story of people ending their lives. More than 60 cases of attempted suicide occurred at Bang Pakong River Bridge. Many beliefs believe that the location of the former person who carried out the assassination attempt has a dark energy that can make people confused and lured to end their life in the same place.

9. Wat Don Temple

wat don temple

Vacationing to Thailand is a very pleasant thing. You can enjoy various tours while you are there. Besides being famous for its tourist beauty, Thailand also has various places that are fairly haunted, one of which is the Wat Don Temple. The tomb of Wat Don Temple is one of the places of horror in Thailand.

This one grave is quite different from the cemetery in general. Wat Don Temple is usually used to bury people who died in tragic accidents and most of them remain unidentified. No wonder there are many graves whose tombstones are nameless. In addition, the story between taxi drivers and passengers who stopped at Wat Don Temple was also widely discussed.

10. Sathorn Unique (Ghost Tower)

Sathorn unique

When you ask about horror places in Thailand, Sathorn Unique (Ghost Tower) is the answer to your question. This one tower is a place with a haunted atmosphere and very rarely visited by many people, usually those who visit the tower are ghost seekers.

Sathorn Unique (Ghost Tower) is often called the cursed tower, because the height of this tower building covers the height of the monastery which is a sacred place. Various stories about this place are widely discussed, one of which is the story of a photographer who met a hanging corpse when he wanted to take pictures of the beautiful view of the city of Bangkok from the rooftoop of the tower. There have been many regulations regarding the prohibition of entering the Sathorn Unique (Ghost Tower), but until now there are still many people who try to enter this tower just to test their guts or look for ghosts.

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