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Elon Musk’s Career Journey Before Becoming Tesla Boss, Was Once a Cleaner at a Wood Factory! | Beautynesia

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Elon Musk's Profession Before Rich / Photo: Business Insider India
Elon Musk’s Profession Before Rich / Photo: Business Insider India

Hearing the name Elon Musk, you must be ringing with the amount of wealth and the ranks of the companies he leads. Especially, Forbes January 28, 2022 edition, again crowned him as the richest person in the world with assets reaching USD 218.3 billion or approximately equivalent to Rp. 3,132 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,350).

However, this abundant wealth certainly requires hard work and a long journey, Beauties. In fact, Elon Musk also started his career from the bottom by undergoing various professions, you know!

Curious how Elon Musk’s career? Come on, take a peek Elon Musk’s profession before becoming the richest person in the world the following!

Maker Video Games at 12 years old

Illustration Making Games/ Photo: Canva/ Robert Nagy
Illustration Making Games/ Photo: Canva/ Robert Nagy

Illustration Making Games/ Photo: Canva/ Robert Nagy

Long before becoming a billionaire, Elon Musk’s interest in technology and space development appeared to have emerged from an early age. Capitalize on his abilities as programmer at the age of twelve, Elon Musk made a video games named Blastar which was designed with the mission of destroying alien space ships. Thanks to this creativity, Elon Musk managed to sell Blastar for 500 USD.

Working as a Cleaner in a Wood Factory

Zodiac forecast/Photo:
Elon Musk is ranked first as the richest person in the world.

Elon Musk/Doc. Forbes

There is no successful person who does not go through the twists and turns of life. Likewise with Elon Musk who had to leave his homeland and migrate to Canada. When he arrived in Canada in 1988, Elon Musk went straight to the employment office and found out what professions offered high wages.

From various options, finally Elon Musk decided to become a room cleaner boiler in a wood factory. With this job, Elon Musk gets paid 18 USD per hour. At that time, Elon Musk was still passionate about work and focused on achieving his bigger dreams.

Intern at the Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank Illustration/ Photo: Canva/ultramarine5
Bank Illustration/ Photo: Canva/ultramarine5

Bank Illustration/ Photo: Canva/ultramarine5

Not only loves to innovate, Elon Musk’s success is also rooted in a high initiative, Beauties. One of the unique initiatives he has ever undertaken is to invite company executives to lunch and chat with him. With his brother, Elon Musk took turns calling executives.

After many tries, finally the executive ofBank of Nova Scotia named Peter Nicholson was willing to take up his offer. Impressed with the tenacity of Elon Musk and his brother, Peter finally offered the two of them an internship at Bank of Nova Scotia in the summer at 14 USD per hour.

Selling Computer Components in the Dormitory

While studying at Queens University, Ontario, Elon Musk still never runs out of ideas to find additional income. With his foresight to see opportunities, Elon Musk began assembling computer hardware and selling it to his dorm friends.

Not only that, Elon Musk also offers services related to computer repair to people who are facing problems with their devices. For example, by repairing damaged electronic devices, computers that cannot bootor virus attack.

Setting up Start Up Zip2

Logo Zip2/ Photo: Davidson
Logo Zip/ Photo: Davidson

Logo Zip2/ Photo: Davidson

Many people never give up even after dropping out of college, as well as Elon Musk.

In 1995, Elon Musk dropped out of university and founded a startup technology that utilizes the sophistication of the internet. With the help of his brother, Elon Musk founded a company that provides maps and directories to newspapers on line named zip2.

Elon Musk managed to manage his father’s funds of 28 thousand USD into millions when a computer company called Compaq bought Zip2 in 1999. Unmitigated, Compaq agreed to pay 307 million USD in cash and 34 million USD in stock options to Elon Musk.

Founded X.Com logo/ Photo: logo/ Photo: logo/ Photo:

Becoming a millionaire after selling Zip2 doesn’t necessarily make Elon Musk satisfied and stop working, Beauties. Elon Musk is increasingly being challenged to create a new company. He invested 12 million USD to set up, a company that became the seed of the early banking industry on line.

In 2000, merged with Confinity and changed its name to Paypal. Until now, PayPal is still successful as a banking system on line most popular that accommodates payment transactions worldwide, you know.

Elon Musk’s career journey shows that nothing is impossible as long as someone is willing to try, persevere and keep improving. Because every challenge and test is part of the process to success.


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