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Eka Tirta Vacation, New Hot Springs in Tabanan Bali

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Vacation Directory – Eka Tirta Tabanan’s holiday hot spring looks antique so it’s not the same as other hot springs in Bali.

Eka Tirta Vacation, New Hot Springs in Tabanan Bali

An orderly garden design with coconut trees, ferns and green grass arrangements can at least show that.

Eka Tirta’s vacation or WET is said to be, has two public pools for soaking, each of which has a hot shower.

The first pool is on the east side with a depth of about one meter. Meanwhile, the second pool is on the west side with a depth of 60 cm.

After that, for visitors who want to be private while soaking in the hot tub, the Management has also prepared a special hut, so when soaking it will not be visible from the outside.

There are 7 pools in this cottage. Each covered pool can accommodate a maximum of five people.

Unlike most hot springs that are in a fairly deep area, this bath is located on the side of a road that is easy to cross, this is because this bath is actually 3 km away from the location of the hot springs.

Eka Tirta’s Vacation Position

The eka Tirta holiday hot spring is located on Jl. Raya Apuan Senganan – Baturiti No.552, Apuan, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Bali.

Route To Eka Tirta Liburan Vacation

Like most holiday positions in Bali outside Denpasar, this position is also difficult if you want to reach it by public transportation.

Due to the unavailability of public transportation to get to the hot springs for the Eka Tirta Tabanan holiday, most of the tourists to go to the hot springs location use personal vehicles.

For practical purposes, visitors who will visit the hot springs of the Eka Tirta Tabanan Vacation, can look for cheap car rental services in Bali.

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However, for those of you who will not find it difficult to find a position, it will not be difficult to find a parking space and want to rest in the car when you go to the Angseri Tabanan hot spring position, there is an option is to look for a car rental service plus a driver in Bali.

Eka Tirta Holiday Opening Hours

Eka Tirta Bali’s holiday hot springs are open daily as far as weeks. It opens in the morning at 08.00 and closes in the afternoon at 18.00.

Eka Tirta Vacation Tickets

The price used for visitors to enjoy the WET Hot Water Object service is quite cheap. For local visitors, an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 / person for adults and IDR 5,000 / person for children is used. If they want a special place, they use the additional cost of renting a private cottage, worth Rp. 20,000 per unit.

Eka Tirta . Holiday Service

Eka Tirta . Holiday Service

Media support and visitor services for the eka Tirta Bali holiday hot springs have been added with exchanges, toilets, canteens and restaurants.

Daya Take Eka Tirta’s Vacations

1. Orderly wading pool

Eka Tirta’s vacation has two public pools for soaking, each of which has a hot water shower.

The first pool is on the east side with a depth of about one meter. Meanwhile, the second pool is on the west side with a depth of 60 cm.

After that, at this time another pond was made again at the west end. The depth is about 140 meters and is scheduled to be completed in March 2020. However, this pool will use cold water, not hot water.

In addition, a fishing ground is also being built on the northwest side, which is scheduled to be completed along with the cold water pool just now.

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This Panglukatan was created to serve special visitors, namely a group of priests/supporters. So many of these priests do not mingle with the general public.

2. Private Soaking Cottage

Eka Tirta’s tourist attraction in fact has a special place in the form of huts made of bamboo. The hut is presented specifically for visitors who want to soak in private and separate from other visitors.

Eka Tirta . Holiday Service

The huts are really shaped in such a way so that you can feel the natural and traditional impression. therefore the walls and roof are then made of bamboo. In the cottage, there is already a pool with the same size as 2 meters. x 2 meters. with a depth of 60 cm.

Eka Tirta Vacation Object has 7 cottages lined up on the north side. Antique, the huts are called differently based on the birth order of Balinese manners, namely, Pondok I Besar, Pondok Putu, Pondok Made, Pondok Kadek, Pondok Komang, Pondok Koming, and Pondok Ketut.

3. Constant debit and water temperature

Unlike most hot springs, which are located right in the springs, this eka tirta holiday bath is located about 3 km from the hot springs.

Previously it was tidied up and working as it is now, four trials were carried out to distribute hot water from its source in Munduk Lumpang, Angseri Village.

The repeated tests were carried out to obtain a constant and slightly changing flow and temperature of the water, compared to the heat at the source until it came to a position.

This matter is critical because water is channeled using a pipe 3 km long from the source, so the debit and climate are prone to drop.

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After going through 4 trials, the next administrator can form this Eka Tirta Vacation Hot Spring Object. They manage to get enough water and the climate stays around 46 degrees Celsius.

4. Limit Soak Time

Eka Tirta Vacation Object has a special decision for its visitors who rent a hut for soaking.

The decision was to limit the soak to a maximum of 30 minutes. This decision was made with health reasons. Therefore, if visitors soak for more than 30 minutes, they can become weak due to the impact of sulfur.

Remember a number of experiences that have taken place at the WET Hot Springs in the past. One of the family was unconscious because of the long soak.

Therefore, the limitations at that time were formed not only for commercial purposes, but also taking into account the health aspect.()

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