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Australia to Africa, These are 5 International Christmas Traditions

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As the lyrics of singer Andy Williams’ song, which reads, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” December comes and welcomes all Christians with a Christmas atmosphere full of peace and love.

yes, Christmas is seen as a Christian holiday that specifically commemorates the birth of Jesus as Savior. Not surprisingly, December is the best time for Christians to gather and feel spiritual grace.

However, did you know that the traditions of welcoming and celebrating Christmas are carried out differently by people of the world? Come onlet’s explore the following five countries!

1. Australia

Australia to Africa, These are 5 International Christmas

As you know, Australia is a country known for its tropical climate. Without exception the moment of Christmas in December which falls in the summer. So the routine is different from the stereotype of Christmas in winter.

Christians in Australia tend to welcome Christmas with tropical decorations and a Christmas tree in their homes. However, lamp decoration is still mandatory, to the point that they like to compete with the neighbors for the decoration.

After that, they did not forget to spend time outside. Usually, the routine still revolves around activities summersuch as going to the beach and others.

2. Egypt

Australia to Africa, These are 5 International Christmas

Launching from the Pew Research Center, the Christian population living in Egypt reaches 10%. This indicates that the nuances of Christmas can still be felt, as the diversity of religions and tolerance takes place in the country.

Especially to welcome Christmas, Christians in Egypt are known to have quite unique and different traditions. One of them is to do a meat fast for 43 days before the Christmas celebration which falls on January 7th. Very interesting, right?

3. Ukraine

Australia to Africa, These are 5 International Christmas

Ukraine is indeed located on the European continent which is quite far from Egypt. However, did you know that the Christmas celebration that is celebrated by Christians in both countries falls on the same date, namely January 7th?

So true! On January 7, Christians in Ukraine celebrate Christmas. The day before, they used to do fasting worship. When the stars appear, they can only eat the dishes provided for iftar.

4. Greece

Australia to Africa, These are 5 International Christmas

Undeniably, Greece is one of the world’s paradises with such beautiful natural wealth. To the extent, the country can be said to be the best tourist destination. So, imagine how much fun it will be to celebrate Christmas in Greece!

yes, Greeks who are Christians don’t just welcome Christmas with the natural beauty they have. Instead, they go out to sing songs in the streets while playing musical instruments. Interesting, yes!

5. Ghana

Australia to Africa, These are 5 International Christmas

Located in the continent of western Africa, Ghana has its own characteristics. In addition to stunning natural beauty, Ghana is well known for the characteristics of its people who are harmonious and friendly. This is reflected in the tradition of celebrating Christmas in the country.

Not only doing worship together, Christian Christians in Ghana welcome Christmas by visiting relatives and relatives scattered in several areas. They also like to have parties with fireworks.

Seeing Christmas traditions in several countries, so fun very yes, Bela! Not only synonymous with winter and snow, here!

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