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8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really Want

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In the ’90s and up, home gaming consoles had a lot of flaws. Whether it’s a problem on the screen to play multiplayer or uncomfortable playing fighting games use joystick standard.

Therefore, Sony has also been creative in creating supporting accessories that can fix these problems. That makes them unique and for now, these accessories are sought after by collectors due to their rarity.

What are the accessories in question? Here are some of them!

1. Memory Card – SCPH 1020

Formerly for saving a game requires an accessory whose name is memory card. This accessory is mounted above the controller plug and has several types based on the amount of data that can be stored. This is the most important accessory besides the controller.

If you don’t have it or no more data is stored in memory card-mu, as a result progress your game won’t worksave. Now the original version of the accessory is being hunted by collectors.

2. PlayStation Multitap – SCPH-1070

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

We always crave to be able to play together with more friends in a game. That’s almost impossible because there are only two controller plugs in the original PS.

That’s why Sony created an accessory that lets you play with up to four people. The shape is like boomerangbut this accessory plays a key role in playing a game with crowds, like Crash Team Racing.

3. PlayStation Mouse – SCPH-1090

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

You must not know that in the past PlayStation has released a product mousebut it’s true. Mouse which is specifically for the PlayStation console is used to make it easier for people to play, or rather use RPG Maker. As for other games compatible with mouse these are Alien Resurrection and Area 51.

4. PocketStation – SCPH-4000

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

Its function is more or less the same as memory card, but there are advantages of this accessory. Like Tamagochi, there are mini-game which can be played on this device, but data is required save games inside the PocketStation.

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This game accessory was released exclusively for Japan and is limited to a few games. Final Fantasy VIII and SaGa Frontier 2 are two PocketStation compatible game titles.

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5. PlayStation Link Cable – SCPH-1040

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

Have you ever played together for a racing game on PlayStation 1? Uncomfortable because the screen is divided from each other? Sony knows that and is inspired to create accessories that let you play together, but on different consoles.

Named PlayStation Link Cable, different consoles can play multiplayer for the same game. Games that can use this accessory are R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Twisted Metal 3, and the Wipeout series.

6. PSOne LCD Screen – SCPH-131

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

This is an accessory intended for the PSOne console, the PlayStation development console which is smaller in size than the original. This LCD screen helps PSOne users to be more practical because they don’t need a television to play games on the PlayStation console. This accessory also comes with headphone jack which means this accessory is intended for private enjoyment and can mobile.

7. PlayStation Asciiware Arcade Stick – SCEH-0002

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

They are professionals in the field fighting games can’t maximize its ability because it has to use an ordinary controller that is much different than in the arcade. To make it more convenient, Sony has also issued an official version for arcade stick, namely the PlayStation Asciiware Arcade Stick. However, the buttons on arcade stick it uses the same symbol as joystick standard, so it can also be used for a variety of other games.

8. PlayStation Analog Joystick – SCPH-1110

8 Rare PlayStation Accessories That Collectors Really

It is the first analog controller accessory built by Sony for the PlayStation. Joystick it is the predecessor of the Dual Analog controller.

Often referred to as the Sony Flightstick, this controller is widely used to play a number of airplane-style games. Examples of popular games are Ace Combat 2 and 3 and Vigilante 8.

This accessory is still not included joystick many kinds you know, so there’s a lot that hasn’t been mentioned yet. What accessories did you have?

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