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8 Favorite Mount Kerinci Attractions

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This mountain is known as the highest volcano in Indonesia. Precisely. This mountain is Mount Kerinci which holds natural beauty as well as the largest tourism potential in Sumatra.

For climbers, this Mount Kerinci tour is one of the spot favorite hike. Because, this mountain offers many challenges during the climb. Natural conditions that are still relatively wild and full of mysteries are only a small part.

But behind it all, Kerinci presents a beauty that you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s as if the tough challenges that have been lived have been paid off completely with a million charms in it. For nature lovers, this is what they call paradise on earth.

This mountain apparently also offers a number of interesting Padang tourist attractions, most of which are located at the foot and slopes of the mountain.

Call it natural lakes, swamps, hot springs, national parks, hills, and tea gardens.

Overview of Mount Kerinci

Geographically, this highest mountain in Indonesia is located between two provinces, namely Jambi Province and West Sumatra Province.

Besides being known as Kerinci, local people also often call it Mount Gadang and several other names such as the Kurinci Volcano and Korinci.

This mountain is also a sign of the boundary between the Minangkabau and Kerinci settlement areas. The marker is a dense forest which is also the habitat of the Sumatran Tiger.

Kerinci has an altitude of 3,805 meters above sea level with a peak called Puncak Indrapura. Just like volcanoes in general, Kerinci also has a crater measuring 400 x 120 meters.

The crater contains water mixed with sulfur and is bluish-green in color resembling the crater water in Ijen Crater.

Slightly shifted to the east side of the crater, there is Lake Bento which is none other than a swamp with clear water, the highest on the island of Sumatra.

By type, Kerinci is included in the list of volcanic types stratovolcano. This mountain last erupted in 2009.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Mount Kerinci Tourism Area

The Peak of Mount Kerinci

To access the hiking trail on this Mount Kerinci tour, you must pay an entrance fee which is fairly cheap. You are also required to fill out SIMAKSI as one of the requirements for climbing this mountain.

Here we inform you of the latest entry ticket rates for those of you who want to visit:

Retribution Rates
Admission Ticket – Weekday IDR 20,000.00
Admission Ticket – Weekend IDR 25,000.00

The rates above are certainly not comparable to the natural beauty that you will see when you reach the top.

Mount Kerinci Tourist Attractions

History of Mount Kerinci

It’s no secret that each mountain offers a natural beauty that is unique and different from other volcanoes.

Mount Merapi, for example, is famous for its Bubrah Market. Then there is Mount Ijen which is synonymous with its beautiful crater and its Blue Fire phenomenon.

Likewise with Kerinci which is no less interesting to explore because there are so many hidden attractions. As an illustration, here we discuss one by one briefly.

Very Natural Natural Panorama

Unlike the mountains on the island of Java, the mountains in Sumatra and other islands are relatively rarely touched by climbers.

One of the main causes is the terrain and natural conditions that are still very natural. Likewise with Kerinci.

Along the hiking trail, you will find tropical forests that are still very dense.

Viewit’s very beautiful. Most of the forest area is filled with large, leafy trees. It is estimated that the age of these trees has reached hundreds of years.

This forest is a habitat for native flora and fauna of Sumatra. So don’t be surprised if on the way, you meet forest-dwelling wild animals.

Arriving at the top, you will see a truly stunning natural panorama. The panorama is in the form of a very wide expanse of forest and looks green from a distance.

There is also a view of a row of hills of varying heights and sizes. And of course you will also witness up close the roll of white clouds right in front of you.

While sipping warm coffee and eating Dendeng Balado, a Padang specialty besides Rendang, the view around the peak will look perfect.

Nature Photo Hunt

Apart from the adventurous experience, you can also capture every moment during the hike using your camera.

Likewise when you arrive at the top. There are many view beautiful scenery that you should not miss, such as the rare phenomenon of Blue Fire on Mount Ijen.

You can also find interesting photo spots in a number of Kerinci’s mainstay destinations. Here are 8 names of natural tourist attractions in the Kerinci area:

  1. Bento Swamp
  2. Goa Kasah
  3. Hill of Heaven
  4. Aro . Kayu Tea Garden
  5. Semurup Hot Spring
  6. Kerinci Lake
  7. Lake Kaco
  8. Kerinci Seblat National Park

Facilities at Mount Kerinci

Today’s natural tourism is no longer minimal facilities. In Kerinci, for example, the management has prepared several adequate and complete facilities.

In basecamp certain, there are several options homestay houses that can be rented at low prices. There is also a porter service and guide ready to accompany your climbing journey.
There is also a shuttle service from homestay to the first post of climbing and vice versa.

For climbers who bring their own vehicles, they may leave their vehicles in the nearby parking area basecamp. Around this parking area, climbers will also find food stalls.

Even in Kayu Aro and Kersik Tuo, there are several hotels complete with supporting facilities. One of these facilities is a typical Padang souvenir shop made by local residents.

Location & Route To Mount Kerinci

Kerinci is located in two provinces, Jambi and West Sumatra. If from the city of Padang, this mountain is located 130 KM away from the city center.

Meanwhile, if from Jambi Province, this mountain is directly adjacent to the West Coast and Bukit Barisan.

There are several routes to Kerinci. If you depart from the city of Padang, you can go directly to Sungai Penuh and then head to Kersik Tuo (basecamp).

For those of you climbers from outside Sumatra, from Minangkabau Airport, you can take a DAMRI car to the car rental place of your choice.

You can also use a rental car from Salsa Wisata. So that we can pick you up immediately and go to Kersik Tuo.

Hiace Commuter Padang rental options (15 seats) at Salsa Wisata will certainly be the most appropriate alternative. Because, it can save you and your group travel costs and time.

more drivers we are a reliable person, so ready to deliver you to the location on time.

Mount Kerinci Hours of Operation

You can do climbing activities in Kerinci at any time because this place is open every day, including national holidays and weekends.

The manager sets a 24-hour operational hour to serve climbers who want to climb. It is not wrong if we say that Mount Kerinci is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Sumatra.

In addition to having very interesting tourist attractions, this national park also still has natural beauty that can only be found at the top.

For those of you who are interested in having an adventure in this mountain once in a while, don’t hesitate to use our services, Salsa Wisata Travel Organizer.

We will help you to prepare transportation, lodging, and entrance tickets for all the tourist attractions you want to visit here. You just need to make a tour package reservation by contacting call center we.

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