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7 Tips to Keep Money Safe While Traveling

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Enjoying your vacation by visiting a city is certainly a very pleasant moment. But of course as a tourist you can’t be careless, make sure you keep yourself and your belongings safe, including your money. Well here are some safe travel tips that you must know. Tips for Keeping Money Safe While Traveling

1. Place Luggage Including Money Near You

Tips for Keeping Money Safe During the First Travel Even though an area is known for its safe city and also has friendly residents, make sure this is not an indicator for you to put valuable items such as money carelessly and also far from your reach. Did you know that the first safe travel tips that you must do is by placing or placing your luggage and valuables including the money you pocket or keep as close as possible in your arms.

There is nothing wrong if you store it in a place that is difficult for others to reach, such as by making a special pocket inside your underwear, so that it will not be easily taken by and will not be easily spotted by people with bad intentions. You should also always carry these valuables with you, even if you need to go to the toilet.

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2. Use Money Belt

Use Money Belt

Did you know that if no one can guarantee that you will be safe in a new area, even in an area where you live that you know well, you could have bad luck. So, did you know that other safe travel tips you should do is by using a money belt. You can wear this money belt before you put on your clothes. No need to worry, because now you can easily find and buy money belts on the market.

In addition to saving your money during holidays or traveling, did you know that this money belt also has other functions. One of them is, you can store other valuables, such as keys, atm cards or debit cards so you can also store your passport and visa at the same time if you are on vacation abroad.

3. Save Money Multiple Places and Separately

Save Money Multiple Places and Separately

So that your vacation feels safe and comfortable and also avoids unwanted things such as theft, then another safe traveling tip that you should know is to save your money separately and also save it in many places. For example, you can save money for your shopping needs in a place that is easily accessible, for example in your wallet on the front. Furthermore, for ticket money or money to pay for lodging, you can save it elsewhere. Like saving on a money belt on the right and left sides. You can also store some other money in a securely locked part of the bag.

Did you know that saving money in a different place really helps you during your vacation. This is if later your money is stolen, then you still have other supplies of money that you have stored in a different place. But you also need to pay attention, if the amount you store in a separate place, make sure it is not in a high amount or nominal. In addition, with the remaining money, you can continue your journey while reporting the incident to the authorities.

4. Don’t Use ATMs in Lonely Circumstances

Not Using an ATM in a Lonely Circumstance

For those of you who are in a new area, be sure if you increase your vigilance. One of them you also have to be observant when you later want to use an ATM or take money at an atm. Make sure when you take money at the ATM it is not in a quiet state. This is to avoid unwanted things such as pickpockets. There is nothing wrong if you take money in a public location that has a security guard at once.

You also have to make sure that no one else is behind you when you take money at the atm machine. This is to prevent others from seeing your ATM pin. In addition, for those of you who use ATM drive through, you must also be vigilant. Like locking your car door when you’re taking money. Because often people are careless when they are focused on taking money at an atm. You are also not allowed to leave the ATM machine in the condition that the receipt number is still printed on the screen of the ATM machine. Another safe traveling tip that you should also know is not to let and ask someone else to take your money at the atm machine if you don’t understand how the machine works.

5. Wear as Simple as Possible

Wear the Simplest Look Possible

For those of you who are on vacation abroad, of course you also have to pay attention to the appearance you are wearing and also show it. Did you know that this is very important in safe travel tips. Dress as modestly as possible so that you don’t attract the attention of people with malicious intent. There is no need to feel if you use and wear all the finest jewelery you have. Because if you use a lot of jewelry, in this case jewelry that has a high selling value, such as gold and diamonds, then you will become an easy target for pickpockets.

6. Keep Calm and Don’t Look Flashy

Keep Calm and Don't Look Flashy

In addition to looking simple, it’s also important that you don’t look flashy, and don’t attract the attention of many people, including the attention of criminals. Make sure you don’t act silly and don’t count your money in public either. You shouldn’t even be uneasy, like looking at or checking your wallet or money too often.

7. Limit Using Cash

Limit Using Cash

Tips for Keeping Money While Traveling, it’s best if you don’t carry too much cash. Make sure if you limit shopping or using the cash. This is to avoid that you don’t have to carry large amounts of money every day in your pocket or wallet. There is nothing wrong if you use a credit card or debit card while you are on vacation with your beloved family. This method will also make it very easy for you. For example, when you are pickpocketed, you can immediately report it to the bank where you deposited the money, so that later the bank will block your atm and not be misused by the pickpocket.

So, those are some things about safe traveling tips that you can know and do. Make sure that when you lose your valuables, you immediately report it to the authorities, in this case the police, so that a solution will be found soon.

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