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7 Most Haunted Cities in the World, Many Horror Buildings and Scary Stories : Okezone Travel

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ALTHOUGH invisible, but many people believe that ghost or evil spirits exist and roam in various places and even the whole world. From America, Europe to the expanse of Australia, it is claimed that no country is safe from ghosts.

People looking for ghosts have a strange environment to satisfy their superstition.

There are a series of cities or certain places in the world which are then used as objects horror tour by offering the awesomeness of buildings, locations and mystical stories and the mystery behind them.

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Well, for those of you who like to test your guts or are ghost hunters, the following destinations can be visited.

Launching from The TravelHere are 7 cities that are considered the most haunted in the world:

1. San Antonio, Texas, United States

Fans of the quirky and mysterious will love exploring the petrified grounds of the San Fernando Cathedral, which is rumored to be plagued by terrifying spirits and unearthly shadowy figures at night.

Locals and visitors to the property often tell tales of gazing at a terrifying humanoid figure dressed in black, and the ghost of a monstrous monk in a gloomy hood.


San Antonio (

2. Changi Beach, Singapore

It is troubling to think that such a haunted place is right near a beautiful beach, and that is exactly what happened at Old Changi Hospital in Singapore.

The gruesome building was once used to hold 50,000 Allied prisoners during World War II, who were horribly treated, according to documentation of alleged incidents and witnesses.

Even today, many visitors claim to hear screams echoing victims in and around the creeping area.

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3. Canberra, Australia

Canberra’s Old Parliament House is a haunt for the occult, offering congealed ghost tours where daring seekers of abnormality can learn about Australia’s former prime minister, as well as hunt the ghosts of those who wander through the ominous halls.

In addition, the Kurrajong Hotel in the city is also said to be haunted by Prime Minister Ben Chifley, who died of a fatal heart attack in 1951.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

The city of Louisiana’s vibrant past is both tragic and violent, and anyone with knowledge of its nightmarish history will tell visitors about the horrific epidemic of yellow fever, ferocious fires, and grisly massacres born of racial conflict.

Today, the spirit of the entire city is brimming with ghost stories and voodoo history, and Jackson Square in the French Quarter is the most famous.

Locals and tourists regularly claim to hear the voices of the dead echoing through the square. However, if that’s not enough to give goosebumps, then a visit to the LaLaurie Mansion – the home of the infamous Madame LaLaurie who was one of the most violent serial killers in history – might help.

5. Sighisoara, Romania

As the birthplace of many ghost stories and many haunted attractions, Romania is no stranger to scary. In particular, the historic Transylvanian city of Sighisoara, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gave birth to Vlad the Impaler – the tireless Prince of Wallachia who inspired Bram Stoker to write the iconic novel Dracula.

Fans of the author and all things Dracula have the unique opportunity to visit his icy home, which oddly features a small torture museum that sends even more fear down the backs of curious visitors.

Another somber attraction accessible to fear-obsessed guests is the creaking staircase of the Church of the Holy Trinity, which after dark, is a terrifying place only for those very brave to challenge.

6. London, England

The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are some of the most famous and popular monuments in London, and at the same time, they are also two of the most haunted cities. These two world-famous historical attractions are said to be haunted by the ghosts of past royalty, as well as the spirits of monks.


After ghost hunters overcome their fears in these two London highlights, they must head to the spooky Highgate Cemetery – legend has it that a vampire lurks in the shadows of nearby Swain’s Lane.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Filled with fascinating yet disturbing history, Edinburgh is home to many haunted buildings and ghost monuments. Among the most gruesome is Edinburgh Castle, which, according to its horrific superstition and history, played host to apparitions of ghosts and tormented souls.

After crashing through an archetypal castle, supernatural hunters can get another dose of ghosts in the eerie Real Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh’s dungeons, where victims of the ill-fated Black Plague are sent to quarantine, and ultimately, left to die.

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