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6 Portraits of Korean Actors When With Mom, Excited and Romantic! | TheAsianparent

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Togetherness with mother is not something that we often encounter on social media. Especially for Korean artists who don’t want their personal life to be highlighted by the public. However, the following Korean artists do not hesitate to show off their intimacy with their mother. Check out the following 6 portraits of Korean actors with their mothers.

6 Romantic and Warm Portraits of Korean Actors with Mother

For most people, mother is everything. Closeness to the mother is a special thing to be grateful for. However, for Korean artists they cannot arbitrarily show off their personal lives, including their closeness to their mother.

This is related to their status as public figures who must carefully guard his personal life. However, the following Korean artists do not hesitate to show their closeness to their mother in public. There are those who intentionally upload their photos with their mothers on social media, others are caught on camera attending an event together with their mothers.

Check out the following photos of Korean artists with their mothers. Lovely and very romantic you know!

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun is often referred to as the highest-paid Korean actor today. Its popularity certainly does not need to be questioned again. He is so loved by his fans thanks to his roles in various films and drama series. Because of his fame, it makes sense that he tends to cover up his personal life including his family.

However, a photo that has been widely circulated on social media shows Kim Soo Hyun’s close relationship as a teenager with his mother. His handsome face descended from his mother who was no less beautiful with very smooth skin.

Kim Soo Hyun is indeed very close to his mother. Because, since childhood he had been abandoned by his father and raised alone by his mother. No wonder he also has a very strong bond with his mother.

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2. Lee Min Ho

korean actor with mom (1)

Another Korean artist who also has a very high fee, who else if not Lee Min Ho. Quoting Cosmopolitan Korea, Lee Min Ho is basically a very closed person, especially regarding his family. He never revealed any information about his family including his parents’ names.

However, a photo widely circulated on social media shows a portrait of Lee Min Ho with a middle-aged woman. It is strongly suspected that the woman in the photo is her mother. The two of them also look very close and have similar facial postures to each other.

However, until now Lee Min Ho is reluctant to reveal facts about his family. He is loyal to maintain the family’s privacy because he doesn’t want his parents’ lives to be disturbed. However, from the photo it can be seen that he really loves his mother.

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