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6 Places to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can Go

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Serving interesting Netflix series, can make you imagine coming directly to the location shooting the film. Whether it’s because of the cool view, a hotel with ambience interesting or fresh outdoors.

Of the several films released on Netflix, one of them is the series The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. In this series you will find places around the world that are amazing. Be it tourist destinations, private islands, resorts or the outdoors. Everything that starts from imagination can become bucket list for your vacation.

Here are some places shooting The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix which you can go to.

1. Firefly Eco-Lodge Bali

Where to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can

This hotel does have a concept like a bird’s nest. Imagine you sleep with the sound of birds chirping and the open expanse of rice fields.

If you go here, your room will be equipped with a bed with a pleasant view, Wi-Fi swimming pool, lounge and restaurants.

To rent one bed or all four at once you need to spend starting from IDR 250 thousand per room.

2. The Arkup, Miami, Florida

Where to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can

Known as the first liveable electric yacht, The Arkup in Miami is a modern sustainable floating home. Having four bedrooms, four bathrooms and stunning views will allow you to refresh your mind.

This floating house also uses glass as high as the ceiling which is no will satisfy you visually.

The prices offered are quite varied, starting from US $ 20,000 or around Rp. 280 million per night.

3. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Jasper, Arkansas

Where to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can

Have you ever imagined staying in a cave? Sleeping next to stalactites and rocks? Now, if not, it looks like this place will answer.

Located in the Ozark Mountains, Beckham Creek Caves offers truly amazing facilities. If caves are synonymous with damp and dark, it seems no found in this place.

Featuring four bedrooms, four bathrooms and 1,700 square meters of space, this luxurious cave features premium amenities such as hiking, canoeing and horseback riding.

You can get all of that starting from US $ 1,600 or around IDR 22.5 million per night.

4. Old House Cay in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Where to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can

Imagining living on a private island with complete facilities is something you can do. What’s more, you can get it at Old House Cay, South Carolina.

Located on a series of private islands near Hilton Head, Old House Cay is a private space that can be reached by boat.

There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, Wi-Fi, beach access and a stunning observation tower. You can get all these facilities at a price of US $ 565 or Rp. 8 million per night.

5. Seasons Niseko in Niseko, Japan

Where to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can

Seasons Niseko is a world-class inn located in Japan. It offers five bedrooms, five bathrooms, an indoor heated pool, fireplace and fully equipped kitchen.

You will also have a personal chef here to prepare traditional dishes, Japanese specialties, Hokkaido pizza and many other dishes during your stay.

If you want to stay at this place, you have to spend money starting from US $ 5,500 or Rp. 77 million per night.

6. Alpaca Treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia

Where to Shoot Series on Netflix You Can

Imagining staying in a tree house and being at one with nature is an experience that you should enjoy at least once in a lifetime.

Now, Alpaca Treehouse is a tree house in a bamboo forest. This tree house has two floors with two beds, one bathroom, electricity and other facilities.

You can stay here for $395 per night or around Rp. 5.5 million per night.

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