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5 Tourist Attractions in Sungailiat Bangka

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Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has many islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke. At least the large to small islands owned by Indonesia are more than 17,000 islands. There are so many islands in Indonesia, that sometimes their existence is not monitored, especially in the outermost areas or border areas. The islands in Indonesia are a wealth owned by Indonesia that is second to none. Each island owned by Indonesia has the privilege of storing natural wealth in it, and storing extraordinary natural beauty. The islands in Indonesia really have tremendous potential to be developed. To the extent that many countries out there are jealous of Indonesia. Indeed, many islands owned by Indonesia are small, some are inhabited by only a few heads of families, some are even uninhabited at all. On these small and charming islands, there are still many natural environments that are still beautiful and have not been touched by modernity, so that it is increasingly peaceful for anyone who visits or lives there.

The advantages that Indonesia has

Indonesia is very wide, with a lot of islands in it. Indonesia, which covers an area of ​​1,919,000 sq km, consists of 35 provinces stretching from the west to the east. Not all of Indonesia’s islands have provinces, because if this happens, Indonesia will have many provinces. There are still many small islands scattered in Indonesia that are part of certain provinces. So the province consisting of these islands is called the Archipelago. At least there are several provinces in Indonesia which are in the form of islands.

The archipelagic provinces owned by Indonesia are the Bangka Belitung Islands, Riau Islands and the Cendrawasih Islands. There are six provinces that are owned by Indonesia on the island of Java, namely East Java, Central Java, West Java, Banten, DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta. There are ten provinces on the island of Sumatra, namely Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Riau, Riau Islands, Jambi, Lampung, Bangka Belitung. The provinces on the island of Kalimantan are West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, North Kalimantan and South Kalimantan. There are six provinces on the island of Sulawesi, namely West Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and Gorontalo. There are five provinces on the islands of Papua and Maluku, namely Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, West Papua, and the Cendrawasih Islands. And there are three provinces in Nusa Tenggara and Bali, namely Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, and West Nusa Tenggara.

Diversity in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country. There are so many natural attractions in Indonesia whose beauty is extraordinary. Because of its natural beauty, Indonesia is famous to foreign countries. There are even those who do not know Indonesia, but only know one of the islands which is its beauty. Because of its natural charm, Indonesia is always visited by foreign people who visit as tourists. Indonesian tourism, which is famous for its beauty, is not only in one place, but every corner of Indonesia is beautiful even though not many have exposed its existence, from Bali, Lombok, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat, Bromo, Puncak Bogor, to the beaches in the south of the island of Java. stretches from East Java to West Java, including in the Gunung Kidul area, Yogyakarta.

The tourism sector in Indonesia is a major source of income for Indonesia. And until now, Indonesia’s tourism sector has always been developed. The development of the tourism sector is not only carried out by the government, even the private sector has begun to promote or publicize the natural beauty of Indonesia. One example is the presence of programs on national television which specifically cover tourist attractions, or cover beautiful places in the country, from the well-known to the unreached by the public. This of course will inform people throughout Indonesia who enjoy the show and encourage people to explore the places that are shown in the show. Thus, places that were initially unexplored by people gradually become crowded and can become new tourist attractions.

One of the areas in Indonesia that is famous for its beauty is Bangka, the province of the Bangka Belitung Islands. Bangka Belitung is located next to the island of Sumatra. Bangka Belitung is an archipelago consisting of several small islands, so it is not just one island. Bangka Belitung is located close to neighboring countries, namely Malaysia and Singapore, so it is not surprising that many Malays live in this place. In addition, the industry in the Bangka Belitung Islands is somewhat more advanced than in the surrounding area. Many factories were built in this area. The flow of trade can also develop more rapidly compared to the surrounding areas, so it is not surprising that the price of goods, especially electronics, is cheaper when compared to other parts of Indonesia.

The specialty of Bangka Belitung

In the Bangka Belitung Islands, there is a famous city, namely Bangka Regency. Bangka as the provincial capital of the Bangka Belitung Islands has an area of ​​147,985 square kilometers with a population of 70,959 million people. Bangka Regency has a capital city which is famous for its name Sungai Liat. Bangka Island is one of the cities famous for having tin mines. Besides that, Bangka is also famous for its beach tourism, historical tourism, and also religious tourism. One of the famous cities in Bangka is Sungailiat city. Sungailiat city is famous for its beach tourism. While the famous religious tourism is in the city of Belinyu. Meanwhile, for historical tourism, the city of Muntok is famous. On this occasion, what will be discussed more deeply is tourism in the city of Sungailiat.

Tourist Attractions in Sungailiat

Sungailiat is the capital of Bangka Regency. Sungailiat consists of six sub-districts and one village. The villages in Sungailiat include: Kenanga Village which has an area of ​​26 square kilometers, Parit Padang Village which has an area of ​​43 square kilometers, Srimenanti Village which has an area of ​​3,405 square kilometers, Sungailiat Village which has an area of ​​15,500 square kilometers, Kuday Village which has an area of ​​5,750 square kilometers, Sinar Baru Village which has an area of ​​35,330 square kilometers, Rebo Village which has an area of ​​19 square kilometers. Sungailiat is one of the cleanest small towns in Indonesia. This is proven by the achievement of the Adipura Cup several years in a row. Sungailiat won the Adipura Cup in 1997, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2013. Meanwhile, in 2012 the City of Sungailiat only received the Adipura certificate.

Sungailiat is a tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Sungailiat is famous for its beautiful beaches. Some of the famous beaches in Sungailiat are Rambak Beach, Parai Tenggiri Beach, Teluk-Uber Beach, Matras Beach, Batu Berdaun Beach, Tikus Beach, Ikebana Beach, Teluk Limau Beach, Bedukang Beach, and Tanjung Pesona Beach. With other tourist attractions that are not beaches are Mount Menumbing, Bukit Fathin and Pemali hot springs.

The following are tourist attractions in Sungailiat Bangka:

1. Beach Mat

Matras Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Bangka. This beach has a very beautiful natural beauty with white sand and clear water. Matras Beach is located between Bedaun Beach and Parai Beach. Matras beach is quite wide. The facilities on this beach are not yet complete. But even though it is not complete, this beach is still a vacation destination that many people are interested in.

2. Parai Tenggiri Beach

Parai Tenggiri beachThis beach is located 40 km from the capital city of Bangka Belitung Province. Many say that this beach is the most beautiful beach in Bangka Belitung. This beach has soft waves and a sloping surface. In addition, this beach has a stunning stretch of granite.

Parai and Tenggiri Beach are famous beaches that have many facilities, are fun, fun, and are managed professionally. The water of this beach is very clear and has a beautiful atmosphere. In addition, various boat rides can be enjoyed by visitors which will make the holiday atmosphere more exciting and fun. What is a plus for tourism on this beach is the excellent service so that it pleases visitors. This beach is never empty of visitors even though the entrance ticket to this beach is quite expensive. The price of lodging around this beach reaches millions of rupiah.

3. Rambak Beach

rambak beachThis beach was only famous in 2009 since the opening of access or the road to this beach. This beach is located east of Sungailiat city, and if taken from Sungailiat city it will take about ten minutes. Besides being able to walk along the coast, from this beach you will be able to go directly to Teluk Beach – Uber and also Tanjung Pesona Beach. This is because the locations of the three beaches are very close to one another.

4. Rat Beach

mouse beachTikus Beach is a beach area that is still natural and still protected from the ignorant hands of humans. The scenery on this beach feels even more beautiful because of the steep hills and expanses of granite, and the blue water. In addition, at the top of the hill there is a temple of worship that is round in shape. This is what characterizes this rat beach.

5. Tanjung Pesona Beach

cape charm beachTo arrive at Tanjung Pesona Beach, it takes about 15 minutes from Sungailiat City. This beach is located in Rambak Village, Sungailiat. This beach also has rides that will make children happy.

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