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5 Mistakes You Make When Using Toner

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The use of toner is one of the steps of step skincare routine commonly used. Not only is it able to clean soap residue and dirt that may still be attached, using a toner will help the skin to be more prepared to accept skincare products such as serum or moisturizer.

But you know, it turns out that there are many mistakes that people often make when using toner so that the results are not optimal. So, to avoid this, let’s take a peek at what mistakes you might make when using toner. Listen carefully!

1. Using the Wrong Type of Toner

5 Mistakes You Might Make When Using

The use of toner products with ingredients that are not in accordance with the needs of the skin will damage the health of facial skin. Choose a toner with safe ingredients and according to skin type. The correct content will make the skin cleaner and more well-groomed.

2. Apply it on the Unwashed Face

5 Mistakes You Might Make When Using

Many people think that toner functions as a facial cleanser. But this is not true, before using toner, wash your face with a facial wash because toner will only help remove dead skin cells.

3. Use an Alcohol-Based Toner

5 Mistakes You Might Make When Using

The alcohol content causes a lot of irritation to sensitive skin, so it cannot be used for all skin types. It’s best to avoid using an alcohol-based toner, as it will dry out your skin and make it look red.

4. Apply it by Rubbing Toner on the Face

5 Mistakes You Might Make When Using

Applying toner by rubbing it on your face will make your skin dry quickly. We recommend that you apply the toner bytap on the face using a cotton swab. You can also use it like a Korean girl, by pouring enough toner into your palms, rubbing it, then patting it on your face for quick absorption.

5. Not Using the Next SkinCare Series

5 Mistakes You Might Make When Using

After using the toner don’t forget to continue with skincare steps next. You can continue to use serums and moisturizers to keep your skin nourished and glowing.

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