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5 Lessons Learned after Experiencing Love Failure

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Failure doesn’t always make you lag behind those around you. Not many people know, actually people who often fail are those who have more provisions to live in the future. From the story of failure, there are actually many things that you can take and make a lesson, not to mention the failure of love.

Often makes you feel unlucky, in fact failure of love can actually make you meet a better person in the future. Why? Because failure usually makes a person learn and improve themselves. What lessons can you learn after experiencing a love failure? Instead of being curious, see the full review below.

1. Good people can’t always create good relationships

illustration of a talking couple (

When you are asked the criteria for your ideal partner, you must say good so the criteria you mentioned. In fact, basically, being good is not enough to make your love relationship run as expected. You must have other criteria that are more specific than good.

When you first fell in love with your ex, at first you also thought he was good, right? Then how does it end? Split too, right? Well, it’s important that you see the other side of the person who is your partner. Look for the one that fits, the frequency, and agrees with you, not just looking for the one that looks good without considering the long term.

2. Don’t trust someone who has lied to you many times

5 Lessons You Can Learn After Experiencing Love Failurecouple illustration ( productions)

After you experience a love failure, especially as a result of infidelity, surely you know what it is like to put trust. You must have felt how tired you were mentally trying trust someone who always lies and betrays your trust. You must have understood what the impact would be if you continued to rationalize these actions, right?

It’s a different story if your love journey goes smoothly. Maybe you will continue to give your partner a chance, even though he has lied many times. The lack of experience makes you choose to stay in the relationship even though the situation is painful. You still think love is a sacrifice, even though if someone loves you he will not make you sacrifice alone.

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3. It’s better to be apart than to survive but only love alone

5 Lessons You Can Learn After Experiencing Love Failurecouple illustration ( Productions)

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In the past, you might think that being single is a scary thing. Being alone without a partner in your shadow feels scary and lonely. That’s why you choose to maintain a one-way love instead of ending the relationship.

However, often experiencing failure in love can later make you think more rationally. You no longer think that love alone is better than ending an existing relationship. You already understand that love must be both struggling, both happy, and there are reciprocal feelings, not just feelings that are enjoyed alone.

4. It’s better to prioritize someone’s character than the length of the relationship

5 Lessons You Can Learn After Experiencing Love Failureillustration of a talking couple ( Sparrow)

It’s better to focus on character than the length of the relationship, that’s a lesson that usually can only be understood after you are heartbroken. Not a few of us choose to stay in unhealthy relationships because they feel the relationship has lasted a long time. The habit of sticking together and two families who already know each other makes it hard for you to separate from your current partner.

In fact, compared to the length of the relationship, there are other things you should pay attention to, namely the character of your partner. Do you really want to live life with people who don’t respect you and treat you harshly? Remember, you know, there are still good people out there who are truly sincere and care about you.

5. Surrendering your happiness to your partner can’t really make you happy

5 Lessons You Can Learn After Experiencing Love Failuresad girl illustration ( Summer)

Many people out there think that having a partner is a source of happiness. In fact, the feeling of happiness is false. With or without a partner, you can still feel happiness. Your partner always has the possibility of leaving you, it’s good you don’t put your happiness on his shoulders.

Your happiness is your responsibility, not someone else’s. When you have a partner, your partner’s job is to add to the complete things that are already complete from you. Not precisely to patch and complete all the lack.

Heartbreak is not a pleasant feeling. Not present in vain, a broken heart can still teach you life lessons like the five things above. Your job is just to choose to make a broken heart a curse or a provision for the future. Don’t get lost in the sadness, just take the lesson!

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