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5 Facts about Paradise City, Luxury Hotel Location Single’s Inferno

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Have you watched reality show Netflix’s new title Single’s Inferno which aired since (12/18/2021)? Single’s Inferno is reality show which brings together single men and women on a remote island to build a relationship.

Starting from nine participants, Single’s Inferno again adding it to twelve participants. Participants are free to play and chat to get to know each other better. Every night, participants can enjoy a romantic date at one of the luxury hotels called Paradise.

However, did you know that the Paradise hotel really exists and can be enjoyed anytime?

Paradise City

Rosé's Favorites, 5 Paradise City Facts, Single's Inferno Filming

Paradise City Complex is the shooting location Single’s Inferno which consists of two hotels, Paradise Hotel & Resort. Paradise Hotel is a contemporary luxury hotel and the second is Art Paradiso Garden, which provides a lifestyle design that is thick with art.

Located near Incheon International Airport, you are just an hour’s drive from Seoul. Paradise City will pamper its visitors with a variety of luxurious facilities, delicious food and the most comfortable place to rest.

Has a Michelin star restaurant

Rosé's Favorites, 5 Paradise City Facts, Single's Inferno Filming

If you’re a fan Single’s Inferno, certainly no stranger to the design of the dining room provided by Paradise City. The hotel is home to five starred restaurants, one of which is the Michelin-starred Imperial Treasure.

The Michelin Award itself is an award given to outstanding cuisine by paying attention to the quality of ingredients, taste, mastery of technique and consistency over time for the menu it serves.

In addition there are other restaurants including Raku, which serves contemporary Japanese cuisine, La Scala, which serves Italian cuisine, On the Plate, a buffet restaurant, and a music room. live.

Other luxury amenities

Rosé's Favorites, 5 Paradise City Facts, Single's Inferno Filming

In addition to the spa, indoor and outdoor pools, guests at Paradise City will be pampered with other amenities including the Wonderbox, which is an indoor theme park inspired by the carnival featured in the drama. Hotel Del Luna. There is also a shopping center that provides several brands of beauty and fashion products. Then lastly, there is the Chroma nightclub which often presents world-class DJ performances.

Has a diverse art collection

Rosé's Favorites, 5 Paradise City Facts, Single's Inferno Filming

Besides being famous for the luxury it offers, Paradise City has a diverse collection of art. Each wall of the room, there is a collection of art that is arranged neatly. There is also a separate room like a museum to store art collections. Paradise City also houses famous works such as Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball sculpture and Damien Hirst’s Aurous Cyanide painting.

Celebrity favourites

Rosé's Favorites, 5 Paradise City Facts, Single's Inferno Filming

If you feel familiar with this hotel, maybe you’ve seen it before on Instagram celebrities from the country of Ginseng. Call it BLACKPINK’s Rosé who spent time at this hotel, in September 2021.

Also, BIGBANG’s Taeyang and his wife Min Hyo Rin held their wedding reception at this hotel. Even, girl group Mamamoo had recorded a music video for the song “mummumuuch” they are here.

To pass the time, visitors who stay overnight can spend time strolling the Paradise Walk, a bridge that connects the two main halls of Paradise City, with a thick artistic atmosphere. This bridge was created as a tribute to James Turrell, an artist from the United States who exposed the perception and power of light.

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