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5 Digital Skills That Many Companies Look At

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Rapid technological developments encourage digitization in various aspects of life, including the industrial sector. The use of technology is now crucial considering that it is able to spur effectiveness and efficiency in all areas.

Unfortunately, this change triggers automation that shifts human labor with artificial intelligence. No doubt many jobs are slowly disappearing because of it. On the other hand, this also gives rise to a variety of jobs that require digital skills.

Like it or not, this ability must be learned and mastered well so that you are able to adapt in an era of increasingly massive disruption. Well, here is a list of capabilities that many companies are looking at, especially technology-based ones. Listen carefully, yes.

1. Programming

illustration of working people ( Nilov)

This can be said to be the heart of technology products that can be found everyday. No wonder if programming into the top 10 of the list of skills most needed in 2020 according to Linkedin.

World covered fields programming is considered very broad. Starting from web development, applications, and gamesto development augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR.

According to reports University of Denverat least there are some basic skills that must be possessed if you want to master programmingincluding programming algorithms, core languagesuch as HTML, CSS, and Java Script, as well as some soft skillssuch as the ability to work in a team, problem solving, and good analytical skills.

2. Data science

5 Digital Skills That Many Companies Look At, Have You Mastered?illustration of people doing data analysis ( Krukov)

Currently, we are facing an era big data where data becomes an important aspect in the joints of life. The presence of data allows decision making to be carried out appropriately so that it is more effective and efficient. The science that studies data is also known as data science.

In fact, data science is a slice of computer science, programming, and statistics. Later, a data scientist or data scientist tasked with analyzing and interpreting data, modeling, and so on in order to make better policies.

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3. Digital marketing

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5 Digital Skills That Many Companies Look At, Have You Mastered?illustration of people working (

You must have seen ad impressions when opening social media or website. Well, that is an example of an online marketing application or better known as digital marketing. Along with the development of technology, marketing techniques have shifted from traditional marketing, such as: billboards or brochures into digital marketing, such as digital ads.

Not without reason, digital marketing is considered more efficient because it can target the desired target and can save budget. In fact, this marketing can also be done organically through several channels or channelsuch as social media and search engine optimization or SEO.

There are some basic abilities required by a digital marketerAmong them are problem solving skills, analytical power, high creativity and innovation. Because, the purpose of digital marketing is to increase awareness community and increase conversion for business sustainability.

4. UI/UX Design

5 Digital Skills That Many Companies Look At, Have You Mastered?illustration of people designing ( Rehman)

These two abilities may still sound foreign to the ear. UI/UX itself is an abbreviation of user interface and user experience. Although often combined, the two are different things.

On one side, user interface or UI design includes the visual aspects that appear on the interface that the user uses. Meanwhile, user experience responsible for designing products to facilitate interaction between users and customers interface.

To master this skill, you can start by understanding the principles and creative process behind UI/UX design, including studying software used and reproduce references.

5. Project management

5 Digital Skills That Many Companies Look At, Have You Mastered?illustration of a group of people having a discussion ( Distel)
  • Project management is a project management process, from design, implementation, to monitoring and evaluation. This ability becomes very vital, especially in the digital field. A project manager must understand the project comprehensively and holistically to ensure project success.

Don’t worry, you can learn these skills independently, you know. Many choices of online classes that can be accessed, both free and paid. You can also follow bootcamp with a more comprehensive curriculum. Most importantly, you have the will to learn and keep improving skills which is owned.

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