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5 Changes You Should Feel After a Broken Heart

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Who wants a broken heart to stop by in life? Of course as humans we want to live happily without ever feeling disappointed, right? But unfortunately, we cannot choose our own destiny and what is best for us is not necessarily good according to God.

The good news is that every broken one will surely be replaced by God with a better one. You don’t need to worry, the following five changes are still natural for you to feel after a broken heart, really. What about? Let’s get started!

1. Your spirit is not as usual

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It’s natural that after a broken heart your spirit is not as passionate as usual. His name has just been broken, he’s just been injured, how can your energy be regenerated right away? Maybe you will struggle to smile and look okay in front of other people.

It’s already a phase, the loss of enthusiasm will indeed be felt in the early days of a failed relationship. Your separation from your ex will definitely make you more overthinking towards the future. It also makes you feel like you’ve lost your way and don’t know where to start your life. You don’t need to be afraid, you just need time to adapt.

2. Your appetite and sleep are a mess

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Who is thin or even fat after a broken heart? It is undeniable that a broken heart has a lot of impact on a person’s eating and sleeping patterns. As a result, many experience changes in weight after their relationship foundered in the middle of the road.

Thoughts that are not crazy can make you experience changes in appetite and sleep patterns. You may be physically tired, but your head is still thinking and it forces you to stay up all night. Usually only briefly, when you are able to accept the separation, later this change will disappear by itself.

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3. In your perception, love story is no longer fun

5 Changes You Should Feel After a Heartbreak, Have You Ever Experienced?couple illustration ( Lach)

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The failures you experience make you no longer interested in love stories. For you love stories with happy endings only exist in fairy tales. In fact, true love stories like that still exist, it’s just that you haven’t found it yet.

Throw away your bad perception of love. Your failure with your ex doesn’t deserve to make you not believe in the beauty of the future. Remember, you know, life is like a wheel. There is no sadness forever, one day you will definitely meet the rainbow you are looking for. Be patient!

4. Your self-confidence drops drastically

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Usually the relationship ends because a third person must feel this change. You must be struggling with self-sufficient questions. Question what’s missing, what’s wrong and the like, must dance in your mind and take your confidence away.

If your ex cheats on you, it means he’s in the wrong. You don’t have to curse yourself and feel like you’re not worth it. Being let down by one person doesn’t mean the whole world doesn’t want to accept you. Lift your chin and smile, there are many more out there who deserve to be side by side with you.

5. You suddenly become a workaholic

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In contrast to the first case, there are also people who are actually workaholics after being hit by a broken heart. Usually this is done so that he forgets his sadness. The step to be busy is chosen so that his brain continues to work and doesn’t think about things that are not important.

At first glance it looks good, but it’s a good idea not to look for an escape that seems to burden you mentally and physically. If you continue to work all day, not only will your heart hurt, but your body will also fall. Your heart may be hurt by other people right now, but that doesn’t mean you’re hurting yourself too.

Changes after a broken heart are different for each person. It’s not forever that brokenhearted people lock themselves in their rooms or cry all day. Whatever changes you feel, hopefully there won’t be any lasting bad effects. Quite sad and hurt for a while, there are still many beautiful days waiting for you ahead.

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