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11 Common Mistakes Beginner Travelers Make

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You need to know that there are 11 mistakes that are usually made by novice travelers and we will share what these mistakes are with you. Those who are experienced and often travel on vacations often encounter problems, especially those who are beginners. We can’t predict mistakes, but at least we can reduce or minimize mistakes that might occur while on vacation.

Well, if you are a beginner who is going on a vacation trip either domestically or abroad, maybe this article will be useful and you can learn from the mistakes of travelers before you. Let’s see.

1. Change currency at the airport

Do you know? It turns out that the currency exchange rates at the airport are very much different from those outside the airport or bank and of course this can be detrimental to you when traveling. Before you travel abroad, you should exchange money with foreign currency at a bank or use a credit union, or it could be when you arrive at a vacation spot, look for an ATM machine and then withdraw money. But before that you must confirm the amount of foreign transaction fees with the bank you are using.

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2. You think you only need a passport

just need a passport

If you are one of those people who think that a vacation to any country only requires a passport, then you are very wrong. Some countries such as Russia and China even enforce rules, your passport must be valid for 6 months after the date you return to your country of origin. Not only that, there are 26 countries in Europe that have passport rules valid for 3 months before you leave. In addition, there are other countries that require visitors to have a visa to enter.

3. Not making copies of important documents

Not making copies of important documents

Don’t just stick to the original documents, instead you should bring a copy of your visa, passport, credit card and other important documents that you may need later. So, don’t forget to leave a copy of that important document with your closest family or friends just in case.

4. Handing over everything arranged by the travel agent

Handing over everything arranged by the travel agent

It makes it easier for you to use the services of a travel agent while on vacation abroad and of course the travel agent also ensures that everything you need is available. However, you can try to organize everything yourself so that you get a new experience, besides taking care of everything yourself will also save you a lot more money. How? Interested in trying?

5. Carrying too many or too many things

Carrying too much or too much

Remember, guys, you only have a few tens of kilos of free baggage and if you bring too much stuff it will cost you extra later. Just bring the things you need, such as bringing just enough clothes to lots of shoes. Because later on during your vacation, of course you also plan to shop and buy souvenirs, don’t you think it’s a shame if you bring too many personal items?

6. Too panicked

  Too panicked

One of the 11 mistakes that novice travelers usually make is panicking too much when something goes wrong while on vacation. We really can’t predict the problems we might face during the holidays, such as missing the train or not getting a hotel room. So make it a habit to stay calm so you can think clearly because if you panic the problem will only get bigger. Stay calm.

7. Not carefully reading the airline’s policies booked

  Not carefully reading the airline's policies booked

Another important thing that you must remember is that before ordering a plane ticket, first study the policies or rules of the airline you choose. This will help you avoid getting caught up in unexpected schedule changes and having to pay expensive replacement prices. Some airlines allow customers to change schedules within 1 day. And there are other airlines that even charge a penalty if you change your schedule within 60 days or 2 months.

8. Forgot to check the fees for data and credit packages

Forgot to check the fees for data and credit packages

Before going on vacation abroad, make sure you have verified your cellphone so that it can still be used while on vacation. Countries out there have different rules regarding internet and telephone charges. For example, in Shanghai, this country prohibits the use of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Google and several other social media. well, therefore you can download the VPN application first before leaving.

9. Too busy schedule

Too busy schedule

The novice traveler usually wants to include everything tourist attraction in his schedule without taking other factors into account. A very busy schedule while on vacation or even if you don’t have any planning at all when you arrive at the vacation spot actually makes you tormented. So don’t torture yourself just because you want to visit all the vacation spots and don’t even get confused and don’t know where to go. Even if you are on vacation alone or with friends, you still have to be able to take advantage of the time and make the right plans.

10. Relying solely on Google Maps

Just rely on Google Maps

When on vacation, don’t just focus on relying on Google Maps or just ask the hotel clerk where to stay. Google also has limitations, guys, so maybe there are some new places that haven’t been detected by it. You can come to the nearest cafe where you are staying and talk to the local people there. This will help you get information about interesting places or the best culinary delights at prices that may be much cheaper and will certainly save your expenses.

11. Wrong choice of partner on vacation

Wrong choice of partner while on vacation

Furthermore, 11 mistakes that are usually made by novice travelers are going with the wrong friends or vacation partners. Why are there so many travelers who prefer to travel alone or even go with new people they don’t know? This happens because not all of your traveling friends are fun, some of them even make your vacation a nightmare. Therefore you have to be very careful in choosing friends to go on vacation.

Actually, there are still other common mistakes made by novice travelers, such as the simple thing of taking jet lag lightly. You need to pay attention to this situation because jetlag affects your body’s natural clock. Don’t let your vacation fail miserably because you fall sick.

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