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10 Tips for Traveling in the Rainy Season, Stay Fresh and Healthy

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Entering the year-end holidays, of course you have planned traveling together with loved ones. However, along with year-end holidays, the rainy season also comes. This sometimes becomes an obstacle for you to determine your traveling destination and what needs to be prepared to keep traveling comfortably and pleasantly. Below are Tips for Traveling in the Rainy Season

1. Determine a tourist destination that is not related to nature

During the rainy season, natural tourist destinations such as waterfalls, beaches or hills should be avoided. In addition to the danger of disaster risk, it is also to maintain your immune system. You can choose to travel to historical places, culinary or artisan areas in the city which is certainly no less exciting. In addition to adding insight, it will also provide experiences that are not obtained from other cities. You can also choose an indoor type of tourist attractions such as museums or shopping centers.

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2. Make sure the body is in a fit condition

Make sure your body is fit

The state of the body that is not fit will certainly interfere with your traveling activities. Moreover, plus the rainy season, in this season the body will be more susceptible to disease because the immune system weakens due to erratic weather. Therefore it is important to bring vitamins and consume warm food and drinks to keep your body healthy. Bring also eucalyptus oil or the like to warm your body.

3. Prepare the right equipment

Prepare the right equipment

When deciding to travel in the rainy season, of course, more preparation must be done. Because when you visit outdoor places there are some equipment that must be prepared. For example, a raincoat or umbrella, bagpack cover to protect your bag, flip-flops, plastic bags to protect items such as money, wallets, etc., small towels to replace tissues, dry bags, and underwater cases to protect your cellphone while documenting when it rains. . If you use shoes then choose shoes that are waterproof.

4. Pay attention to the weather forecast

Pay attention to the weather forecast

Weather forecasts will really help you to avoid the rain, plus if you choose a place to travel outdoors. Although not always accurate, weather forecasts can be used as a reference for forecasting the weather during the rainy season. Install a weather forecast application to make it easier for you to get weather information for your travel destination. Just in case, keep your travel gear with you during the rainy season so that your traveling activities remain comfortable.

5. Bring warm clothes and extra clothes

Bring warm clothes and extra clothes

During the rainy season the air will get colder, this warm shirt will make you more comfortable traveling during the rainy season. Extra clothes are needed because sometimes even if you use a raincoat/umbrella, the clothes still get splashed with water. Or when you are outdoors when it suddenly rains, use extra clothes so you don’t wear wet clothes that can make you sick easily, such as the flu or a cold.

6. Action cam is an alternative

Action cam is an alternative

Currently, there are many action cameras that are equipped with waterproof facilities. This camera can be used as an alternative to document your traveling activities instead of a DSLR camera or smartphone. In addition, its small size makes it easier for you to carry it.

7. Choose flights that don’t require transit

Choose flights that don't require transit

If you are traveling using this air transportation, choose a direct flight to your traveling destination. This will save you time and get to your destination faster. Determine the flight schedule according to the plan in advance to avoid running out of plane tickets.

8. Anticipate transportation delays due to bad weather

Anticipate transportation delays

When the weather is bad some means of transportation can be late or even delayed. As with airplane flights, often schedules will be delayed due to bad weather which can endanger passengers. This makes you feel bored while waiting and become a bad mood. You can anticipate boredom by doing some of the things you like, such as reading books, playing games or just walking around the airport area. But the thing to remember is not to neglect the announcement of the airline. And it’s precisely when there is an important announcement of your departure that you are not there or you are too busy playing games that you don’t hear the announcement.

9. Take advantage of the promo during the rainy season

Take advantage of the promo during the rainy season

This one tip is often not considered, even though it can benefit you in terms of the funds or the private atmosphere you need. During the rainy season, many travelers do not want to travel. This can reduce the income of the hotel or tourist attractions. They will hold promotions to maintain income stability. You can search for promotional info via social media or various traveler applications. In addition to getting discounted prices, during the rainy season visitors to tourist attractions will decrease so you will get a calmer atmosphere. Because when you are on vacation, tourist attractions are crowded, you will not get peace but a bustling atmosphere that you may not like. Therefore, there is no harm in traveling during the rainy season because it will provide several benefits that we will not get if not during the rainy season.

10. Use waterproof makeup

Use waterproof makeup

For you, especially a woman, you can’t be separated from make-up, especially when traveling, it is undeniable that we will take selfies. If during the summer we need sun protection, then during the rainy season it is important to use waterproof make-up. You certainly don’t want to wear make-up when suddenly it rains which makes the make-up fade. This can make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. For this reason, waterproof make-up is highly recommended for those of you who like to use make-up when traveling. A few tips that can be done when using make-up are to use a make-up base that is too heavy, use blush or cream-type eyeshadow, use an eyebrow pencil to smooth your eyebrows, avoid the powder type because it fades easily and use matte lipstick. Do not be too thick in applying makeup during the rainy season.

Some of the things above are 10 Tips for Traveling in the Rainy Season that you can do to stay comfortable and safe when deciding to travel in the rainy season. In addition to some of the tips above, it is also important to determine tourist destinations during the rainy season such as what tourist destinations you like, for example, if you like traveling by trying several types of culinary, then visit places that have many types of culinary, or if you like traveling related to nature. then visit places that have beautiful natural views of course by paying attention to the equipment and conditions of the place during the rainy season so that your traveling is still fun even during the rainy season.

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