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10 Tips Backpacker to Nepal to Stay Comfortable Backpacker to Nepal

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One of the destination countries that you can visit by backpacking is Nepal. It is undeniable that the country is a destination for many tourists because of the country’s natural beauty. Backpacker to Nepal is the dream of many tourists.

Nepal is a destination for tourists for backpacking because the country is one of the countries close to the Himalayan Peaks. Before you decide to visit the country, here we have presented backpacker tips to Nepal

1. Strengthening determination and intention

Have you planned a vacation to Nepal in advance but you don’t have a strong intention and determination then don’t expect you to be backpacking to Nepal. The main thing when starting a journey is to strengthen your determination and intention first.

This is nothing but a safe trip you can adjust to the conditions in that country. And you can also enjoy your vacation without being overshadowed by fear. If you are a beginner backpacker then it’s better to be accompanied by friends

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2. Make passports and visas

Making passports and visas


Passports and visas are two must-have requirements when you are going to visit abroad. But several countries in Asia offer visa-free for the purpose of Indonesian tourists visiting the country. But not for Nepal where Indonesian tourists have to make a visa first.

In addition, a passport is also very important because it will be your identity while in the country. You also don’t have to worry if your visa is rejected because getting a visa from Nepal is very easy. Nepal Visa itself can be obtained when you have arrived at KTM Airport. For a fee of 25 usd, you can get a visa for 15 days.

3. Looking for cheap airline tickets

Looking for cheap flight tickets

The next thing that is no less important when you are going to travel to Nepal is looking for cheap airline tickets. Indeed, when you want to get cheap airline tickets, it is difficult and easy. By choosing cheap airline tickets, you can reduce expenses.

Currently, there are indeed many airlines that offer promos or discounts. Do not forget to distinguish the price of airline tickets from each airline ticket sales site. To get promo tickets, you can also order at night because usually promo ticket sales are at that time.

4. Learn the tourist attractions to be visited

Learn about tourist spots to visit


When you decide to visit Nepal, make sure that you have studied the tourist attractions that you are going to visit. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal is the Himalaya Mountain tour.

By studying these tourist attractions, you can consider what you will experience while in the country. Besides that, it’s a good idea to also study the regulations that exist in these tourist attractions because it is not impossible that each tourist spot will have different regulations.

5. Bring essential supplies and equipment

Bring essential supplies and equipment

Wild nature

One of the mistakes that beginner backpackers often make is carrying a lot of things in their bags. Carrying a lot of things will actually be a hassle for you during the trip and will even make it difficult for you to find certain items.

Therefore, it is better to only bring essential items and try not to bring excessive supplies because while on the trip you can buy food at that place. By carrying this minimalist item, you will not have any complaints or objections on your trip.

6. Bring sufficient funds but not excessive

Bring enough funds but not too much

The purpose of backpacking to a city or country is to visit that country at an affordable cost. Therefore, it is better to bring sufficient funds but also not excessive so that while on the trip you can use your money wisely.

Nepal is a country that is quite cheap and to eat alone, usually one meal is only around Rp. 60,000. In addition, when you make a transaction, it is mandatory to exchange Rupiah to Rupees. It’s a good idea to exchange money while still in Indonesia.

7. Using public transportation

Using public transportation

Don’t want to run out of money during your backpacking to Nepal, so it’s a good idea to choose public transportation such as buses when you want to visit tourist areas in Nepal. But it turns out that the cost of taxis in Nepal is also very cheap. This is none other than because in Nepal itself taxis are the fastest transportation.

Taxi drivers can also be invited to make a price agreement before you travel. But if, you want to decide to take the bus then it’s good to know the route to stop.

8. Pay attention to dress code

Pay attention to dress code

The dress code in some places in Nepal is also very important, such as when you want to visit a temple, it is better to dress modestly and covertly. For women themselves, they must cover areas such as shoulders to knees, while men can wear long pants.

Some tourists also provide a long scarf that is placed in a bag that is used at any time if they want to visit the temple area. And stay polite while you are in Nepal.

9. Plan a trekking to the Himalayas

Planning trekking to Himalayas

In addition to visiting tourist attractions such as temples in Nepal, it feels incomplete if you do not plan to do trekking to the Himalayas. The Himalayas are one of the highest mountains in the world. Therefore, not a few owners of the hobby of climbing do not want to miss to try out the tracking area in the Himalayas.

The most popular time to trade in Himalayas Nepal is February to May as well as September and October. If you are a novice climber, then don’t force yourself to climb to high. By climbing when the weather is sunny it will be more fun.

10. Wear layers of clothing

Wear layered clothes

Backpacker to Nepal itself has unpredictable weather so it will change easily. Therefore, when you come to Nepal in winter, it is better to wear layered clothes. This is none other than because usually the weather in Nepal can decline very drastically.

When the weather warms up again, you can open the outer layer of your clothes. In addition, tips for backpackers who will visit Nepal are to try not to eat at expensive restaurants, especially for those of you who want to save costs.

Not only the above, in Nepal itself tipping is not very commonly found in restaurants or hotels. But if you want to hire a tour guide, you can incur additional costs and tip fees. Not only that when you visit Nepal then be prepared not to get a fast internet network.

The reason is that Nepal is the country with the longest internet connection in the world after Libya. And don’t forget to take photos of your best moments while in Nepal and share them on social media after returning to Indonesia.

Those are 10 backpacker tips to Nepal. Immediately prepare your vacation to Nepal right now.

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