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10 Pangkalan Bun Tours, From Cultural Tourism to Nature Tourism

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Pangkalan Bun is known as the area which is the capital of West Kotawaringin. Pangkalan Bun is also known to offer many tourist attractions, so it is not surprising that many tourists from various regions visit it. No need to be confused about determining your destination, here is a list of 10 recommended tourist attractions in Pangkalan Bun that are interesting for you to visit.

1. Kubu Beach

stronghold beach

One of the recommended tourist attractions in Pangkalan Bun that is interesting for you to visit is Kubu Beach. This beach offers a very pleasant view and atmosphere. Apart from being pampered with clean waters, visitors can also enjoy the presence of coral rocks in the coastal area.

Some things that can be done while visiting Kubu Beach include you can choose to relax or take pictures at the various spots offered. Not only that, visitors can also try the various culinary offerings. This beach area is also adjacent to a fishing village so that beach visitors can try a variety of delicious and fresh seafood menus. You can visit Kubu Beach on Jalan Kubu, Kumai District, West Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan.

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2. Bolau Hill

ball hill

Bukit Bolau is also one of Pangkalan Bun’s tourist destinations which is quite popular and is visited by many tourists. This tourist spot is also very suitable to be visited for those of you who are adventurous because the road that is passed is quite challenging. Visitors have to pass through steep and slippery roads.

Even though you have to go through a fairly tiring journey, your tiredness will pay off when you arrive at the Bukit Bolau location. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the cool atmosphere on offer. To come and explore the hill area, visitors only need to pay an entrance fee of around IDR 5,000 per person.

3. Dayak Village

Dayak Village

There are quite a few choices of Pangkalan Bun tourist destinations which are very interesting to visit. One of the popular tourist spot recommendations and a pity to miss is the Dayak Village. In this village, visitors will be spoiled by the presence of typical traditional houses and culture that is still very strong.

To walk through Dayak Village, you need to prepare a fee of around IDR 15,000 per person to pay for the entrance ticket. This village is located on Pasir Panjang Village Road, South Arut District, West Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan.

4. Suayap Waterfall

guppy waterfall

No less interesting than other Pangkalan Bun tourist destinations, Suayap Waterfall is also one of the interesting tourist recommendations for you to visit. This waterfall is known for its extraordinary beauty. Not only the flow of water that falls from a height, in the waterfall area there is also a pool that can be used by visitors to soak or just play in the water.

This one place is perfect for those of you who want to refresh your mind because the atmosphere offered is very calm and beautiful. Not only relaxing and enjoying the scenery, you can also try to capture the moment by taking pictures. When you have the opportunity to come to the Pangkalan Bun area, it never hurts to decide to visit this one tourist spot.

5. Yellow Palace

yellow palace

The Yellow Palace is also one of Pangkalan Bun’s tourist destinations which is often visited, especially for lovers of historical tourist attractions. Judging from the name, some people think that this palace is dominated by the color yellow, but actually it is not.

This palace used to have a room called Dalam Kuning. It comes from the material used to make the building, namely yellow wood. Not only enjoying the beautiful architecture of the building, visitors can also see the various historical objects which are relics of the Kutaringin Sultanate. This palace is located on Jalan Raja, South Arut District, West Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan.

6. Arut River

arut river

One of the Pangkalan Bun tourist recommendations that is suitable for you to visit is the Arut River. This river offers an amazing natural panorama. When you come in the afternoon, you will be spoiled with beautiful sunset views in this area.

Ujung can do various exciting activities when he comes to the river area, one of which is trying to go down the river using getek. While walking along the river, you will be spoiled with an atmosphere that is still very natural and can see proboscis monkeys directly on the riverbank. Interesting isn’t it?

7. Bogam Bay Beach

bogam bay beach

When you want to visit one of the Pangkalan Bun tourist destinations, Teluk Bogam Beach is certainly a shame for you to miss. This beach is quite popular and is visited by many tourists from various regions. Visitors will be spoiled by the vast expanse of white sand and the beautiful natural scenery on offer. Not a few tourists who decide to come to this beach in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful sunset view.

Visitors can relax and take pictures with the various spots offered. This beach is very suitable to be visited with family and loved ones.

8. Riam Tapin Bini

cascade tapin wife

Among the many choices of Pangkalan Bun tourist destinations that are interesting to visit, Riam Tapin Bini is also one that is a pity to miss. This area is a river with a very swift current. Its location close to Bolau Hill also allows you to come to 2 tourist attractions at once when visiting Riam Tapin Bini.

In this river area, you can try water sports activities, namely rafting. This challenging and adrenaline-pumping water sport is certainly a shame not to try.

9. Pancasila Roundabout

pancasila roundabout

In addition to natural attractions, the Pancasila Roundabout is also one of Pangkalan Bun’s popular tourist destinations among local people and tourists. This area is a historical tourist spot with buildings that are still very majestic.

The night is the right time to come to the Pancasila Roundabout because visitors will be spoiled with stunning views. Not only that, the atmosphere offered is also very pleasant and makes tourists feel at home.

10. Tanjung Keluang Nature Park

tanjung keluang nature park

Tanjung Keluang Natural Tourism Park is one of the Pangkalan Bun tourist destinations that you should not miss. This tourist destination presents a very interesting and amazing view. Visitors can also do various activities such as playing in the water or taking pictures with the various interesting spots on offer.

Not only that, one of the exciting activities that is a pity to miss is riding a kelotok boat to get around the beach area. Kellotok ship is a traditional ship typical of Kalimantan. Interesting isn’t it?

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