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10 Overseas BackPacker Tips For Beginners You Need To Know

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Planning backpacker abroad alone? traveling is fun, we have the opportunity to go around the city or even around the country. By traveling, we can enjoy the excitement of the day when meeting different people, enjoying different traditions when the holiday moment arrives.

It’s great when we have the opportunity to travel from one city to another. Especially if we have the opportunity to explore the country which we usually have to do at a very large cost. Does this mean that our opportunity to travel abroad is impossible? Certainly not! you can apply backpacker tips abroad so that the purpose of exploring abroad can be realized without having to spend a lot of money. Here are BackPacker Tips for Overseas for Beginners

1. Come on, Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Back packers abroad do not mean we have to walk all the time from home to our destination. One of the mandatory means of transportation that we must order in advance to get an affordable cost is an airplane. Yes, choose an airline that provides international travel routes at affordable prices. To get a more economical price, you have to order it in advance.
Also, try not to book plane tickets when it’s busy. Peak season like this allows ticket prices to increase many times. Follow any promos or discounts offered by always upgrading information about promos and discounts on these airlines. The cost of flights abroad requires a fairly large budget, and you will get an economical cost with the tips above.


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2. Find affordable accommodation

Find affordable accommodation

The next step is to find affordable accommodation. For a back packer, the inn is just a place to sleep and clean up. Look for low-budget accommodations by choosing hotels that are on promotion, which provide rooms for many visitors at once. After all, here you will only sleep for a while, and clean yourself up, the rest you will be busy visiting various interesting tourist attractions abroad.

3. Actively Search Promos

Actively Search Promos

In essence, back-backer-style tourism is an opportunity to travel or travel abroad without spending a lot of money. The way that we can save more is to look for massive promos both for plane tickets and for lodging. Those two things are indeed quite expensive while traveling and to save expenses, try to actively look for promos on airlines or at lodging agents.

4. Bring important documents needed while traveling

Bring important documents needed while traveling

Back packer abroad, don’t leave any documents behind. These important documents include ID cards, passports, and visas. ID cards are used to check in the plane before departure, passports should be processed at least 3 months before departure so as not to rush and make sure they are ready, and visas are usually asked for, especially in countries that are not visa-free. Complete these important documents so that your back packer journey runs smoothly.

5. Create a back packer travel guide

Create a back packer travel guide

So that later you don’t get confused about what to do, it is recommended for you to make a backpacker travel plan abroad. You know, there is a lot of data on the internet that we can search for travel guides while abroad, especially those that have been posted by previous back packers with the same tourist destination. Write down which tourist attractions you want to go to, what means of transportation you use, what culinary delights you want to taste, and what souvenirs to take home for your family at home.

6. Exchange Money Domestically

Exchange Money Domestically

Traveling feels good when we carry enough cash, don’t you think? When there is a sudden need on the road we feel calm, or when we want to bring gifts for our beloved family we can buy them. Can we buy goods abroad in local currency? The answer is of course no. Prepare the local country currency to make your activities easier while abroad. Bring enough cash so that the back pack agenda abroad runs smoothly.

7. Book Accommodation before Departure

Book Accommodation before Departure

So that your time abroad is really for sightseeing, try to book accommodation well in advance of departure. Time You will not think about where you will stay when you arrive at the destination country. Try to book accommodation that suits your taste in advance by looking at the detailed descriptions of each hotel. You no longer have to worry about where to stay and when you arrive at your destination, the inn is ready and you can use it.

8. Bring Food Supplies as Needed

Bring Food Supplies as Needed

Backpack abroad, don’t forget to bring enough food. In addition to aiming to save money, bringing enough food supplies has many benefits for us. Among them is to ensure that the food you bring is according to taste. Abroad, the food sold is of course in accordance with the tastes and tastes desired by the local community. In addition, for those of you who are Muslim, it is highly recommended to bring lunch because it is guaranteed to be halal. You can travel in other countries with exciting and different views, without leaving the taste of the archipelago through the culinary arts that we bring.

9. Prepare a Drinking Water Bottle

Prepare a Drinking Water Bottle

Tips for overseas backpackers, then the equipment that you must bring, one of which is a drinking water bottle. You must carry this drinking water bottle with you everywhere when you are traveling. Buying bottled mineral water every time you travel will certainly spend a lot of money. Prepare a drinking bottle that you are ready to take with you during the trip so that it is more economical and ensures the body’s mineral needs are properly met. If necessary, keep two bottles at the same time tucked in your backpack so that you have enough water to drink during your trip. In a cold climate destination, you may not feel so thirsty, but in a barren and arid area, you certainly need enough drinking water to supply.

10. Learn the Language of the Destination Country

Learn Destination Language

Being in a foreign country, one of the important preparations that we must prepare in advance is to learn the language of the destination country. You can prepare in advance by taking a course or by studying it independently from YouTube. At least, those of you who understand a little English will find it easier to interact with people in foreign countries, whether it’s when exploring, buying and selling transactions, and when buying gifts for your beloved family at home.

The above back packer tips if you apply them before departure will make your back packer trip easier. Prepare for an adventurous trip abroad and save money with the above back packer tips. Traveling abroad is not always expensive, you know if you know the tips, right?

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