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10 Eco-Friendly Hotels in the World Eco-friendly hotels

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Issue global warming which is currently increasingly circulating, making tourists or tourists participate in handling it. One way that tourists are starting to do is to be selective in choosing accommodation, such as choosing environmentally friendly inns or hotels. Another factor that made the hotel to start creating eco-friendly lodgings was the awareness that the tourism sector had a bad impact on the place. Well, now there are a lot of hotels with environmentally friendly concepts that are spread all over the world.

Here we share environmentally friendly hotels in the world that are recommended to visit

1. Hix Island on Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

This hotel is known for its Caribbean oasis. Hotel Hix Island provides an elegant appearance but still focuses on preserving nature and the surrounding environment. The hotel’s energy source uses batteries and its charging uses solar energy. The roof of the Hix Island hotel is full of panels for solar power generation for the hotel’s energy needs.

The water used by this hotel is rainwater. The hotel building is also designed by optimizing natural air circulation. In addition, the disposal of non-waste hotel water is also made directly into the surrounding environment. The great thing is that this hotel is earthquake-resistant, fire-resistant, and anti-hurricane. Anyway one of the most eco-friendly hotel in the world.

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2. Lefay Resort & SPA Lago in Garda, Italy

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago in Garda

This place is one of the five-star resorts that was established without changing the structure of the land and land. Why? Because the hotel is aiming to build an environmentally friendly hotel. In addition, the design of this hotel is also made so that the properties used can save energy and reduce hot air circulation. One of the energy-saving measures taken by Lefay Resort & SPA Lago is the use of rainwater which is then recycled to meet the hotel’s water needs. Another thing is a very good waste management system. All interiors in this hotel are made using local materials or materials that are around.

3. The Park Hyderabad, India

It takes just 10 minutes to get to the hotel from the center of Hyderabad, The Park Hyderabad also gets a LEED Gold certificate given by the Green Building Council of the United States of America. The uniqueness of this hotel is that the large glass installed in the hotel is useful for natural light penetration. So that this hotel is said to be able to reduce electricity usage greatly. In addition, in daily operations, The Park Hyderabad uses environmentally friendly transportation such as the use of bicycles or electric cars. Although this hotel was built with a modern and distinctive design, The Park Hyderabad has also succeeded in building local wisdom and is one of the most environmentally friendly accommodations in the world.

4. Spice Island Beach Resort, Spain

The owner of this resort is Sir Royston Hopkin and the hotel operations are run by his family. This place is perfect for tourists who want a vacation to enjoy the natural beauty of the Isle of Spice. Spice Island Beach Resort is very close to the famous Grand Anse beach. In meeting the electricity needs of this hotel using solar energy and there are many other environmentally friendly programs that this hotel provides.

Some of the support provided by Spice Island Beach Resort is to regularly hold community service, plant trees, and use a swimming pool without chemical substances. Well, interestingly, in one of the hotel’s programs, it has a no smoking policy, whether it’s e-cigarettes, in all parts of the building.

5. Alila Villas Soori, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia also has hotels that have developed environmentally friendly programs, one of which is Alila Villas Soori in Bali. The beauty that this resort offers is that it is very refreshing nature and its location is very far from the crowds. You need to know that the design of this hotel building is also based on guidelines from EartCheck, the point is to reduce damage to the original land that is in the community’s rice fields. Even though Alila Villas Soori Resort is a five-star hotel, its water needs use a rain-fed system. Well, most of the food ingredients are also purchased from local farmers. In addition to food, building materials are also made from local materials. In order to minimize the use of air conditioning, this hotel uses volcanic stone for buildings and grows a lot of plants.

6. Song Saa Private Island, Koh Rong, Cambodia

This luxury hotel is located on a private island that has exclusive privacy, this hotel was designed and built with the aim of preserving the surrounding environment, especially coral reefs. Not only preserving coral reefs but also other marine life around the private island. Song Saa Private Island carries out a water recycling system used around the island and not only that this hotel also introduces native vegetation to the hotel environment.

The furniture or interior used is also very environmentally friendly, using buoyancy wood and recycled wood from former Cambodian fishermen’s old boats. So that the decoration of this hotel is very original and gives a contemporary impression.

7. El Nido Pangulasian, Palawan

El Nido Pangulasian

It is interesting that this luxury hotel is very environmentally friendly which has its own sewage treatment system. And they make sure the sea is not contaminated with waste and the El Nido hotel also applies segregation of waste, which separates plastic, organic, and paper waste before recycling. Not only that, in meeting the water needs for guest rooms and staff residences, they process rainwater so that it can be used. The El Nido hotel does not play games in making their hotel an environmentally friendly hotel, why not only seafood served by the hotel that is safe for consumption. While water activities are only allowed to kayak and snorkel, there should be no motorized equipment that will actually damage the sea.

8. Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

  Hotel Icon

It is very interesting that this hotel has more than 8 thousand plants towering around the hotel. The eco-friendly concept of this hotel starts from the efficient use of energy in heating and cooling the room. In addition, lighting and the use of natural air ventilation and the hotel has also begun to reduce paper use, which can be seen from the absence of paper usage during the check-in process. Interestingly, this Icon hotel also provides airport shuttle services using electric-fueled cars.

9. Garonga Safari Camp, Africa

Garonga Safari Camp

There are 12 exclusive tents residing in Garonga Safari Camp and the exact location is in the Phalaborwa area of ​​South Africa. This hotel is a mainstay by local residents, where the hotel empowers the surrounding community by giving them the opportunity to work in the hotel. Another step taken by Garonga Safari Camp in terms of being environmentally friendly is the need for food purchased from local farmers. An interesting program at this hotel is the hotel’s collaboration with guests in planting Spesbok trees.

10. Hi Hotel, Nice, France

The attraction of this hotel is private beach and swimming pool rooftop. Through his breakthrough in paper recycling, the use of organic paint for wall coverings, the presentation of organic-based food, and the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, Hi Hotel Eco Spa & Beach has earned the Go Green certificate. It’s an inn that is very environmentally friendly and cares about the sustainability of the Earth.

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