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10 Creepy and Haunted Locations in the World

  • Share, Chernobyl – There are some scary areas that exist in the world. That said, it is called spooky because of its nickname as a haunted location.

The testimonies of residents who claim to have seen strange objects, sightings, unknown voices or even cases of trance make the location haunted.

Stories from mouth to mouth, then transmitted from one generation to another, make this haunted story even more legendary. Not only for the people in the vicinity, but spread throughout the world.

As quoted from various sources, Tuesday (20/8/2019) here are 10 sightings of haunted locations in the world:

So scary, an abandoned hotel in Bali dubbed the haunted palace. Even so, this hotel has become a tourist destination for both local and foreign tourists. A local tour guide reveals more and more tourists are…

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