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10 Budget Hotels in Maldives Recommended by World Backpackers

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The Maldives Island is indeed one of the destination a dream for a honeymoon, and of course most people think that a vacation to the Maldives will spend a lot of vacation costs and choose to stay at a budget hotel in the Maldives. Indeed, resort prices in the Maldives have fantastic prices, some 8 million to 20 million per night, so you don’t have to worry, you can find cheap resorts in the Maldives too. This time we will tell you 10 Budget Hotels in Maldives recommended by Bakcpakers. Instead of being curious, let’s look at the low budget resorts below!

1. Arora Inn

If you are in the Maldives, then come to the Maknaushi area, because here you can find lots of inns at low prices, and one of the inns in Sorryushi is the Arora Inn. This resort offers accommodation price of Rp. 750.000 For one night, and at Aoroa Inn you can see the beautiful view of the open sea from the restaurant in the Arora Inn area. The facilities from Arora Inn are also complete, and very comfortable, guys. The interior of Aora Inn is simple, filled with wood, and gives an elegant impression.

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2. Zest Cabana

Cheap hotel in Maldives

This second low-budget inn is also no less interesting for you to choose. Because at Zest Cabana it provides complete bar, spa, and room facilities. The interior of the Zest Cabana is very minimalist, and very comfortable, guys. The price offered by Zest Cabana is also still pocket friendly. That is around Rp. 660,000 only for one night. when noon arrives, usually travelers in Zest Cabana will explore the beautiful stretch of sand in the Maldives, and of course do fun snorkeling activities in the Maldives.

3. Ocean Vista

Cheap and comfortable hotel in Maldives

Ocean Vista is indeed the design from the outside looks unique, and attractive. Now for those of you who want to vacation in the Maldives and want to find cheap accommodation, Ocean Vista is the best place. Because the price offered by Ocean Vista is only Rp. 600,000 for one night. It’s really cool, guys, in the Maldives there are accommodations under 1 million. Besides having a cheap price, Ocean Vista is also equipped with free wifi, tv, hot water, air conditioning, and for those of you who stay at Ocean Vista you can have breakfast with delicious dishes at Ocean Vista. Oh, don’t miss taking pictures with the view in Ocean Vista, it’s really cool, guys, when you’re above this building, you can see the blue ocean, as well as the sky, and you can see very beautiful natural scenery from the top of this building.

4. Fazaa Inn

Budget Hotels in Maldives

Besides Arora Inn, it turns out that Fazaa Inn is also in the Sorry area, guys! Now at Fazaa Inn also offers attractive lodging prices, only Rp. Only 660,000 you can stay at Fazaa Inn which is very close to the beach. What’s interesting about Fazaa Inn is that the building is unique and has an elegant interior. Fazaa Inn is recommended for those of you who want to find cheap accommodation in the Maldives.

5. Ameera Maldives

Comfortable Budget Hotel in Maldives

Ameera Maldives which is located on Dhiffushi Island does have a really cool interior because all the furniture at Ameera Maldives uses wood. What’s interesting is that when you are in your room, you can see the beautiful lagoon that surrounds Ameera Maldives. The facilities here are a restaurant, and rooms that are filled with complete facilities. To enjoy all the beautiful room facilities at Ameera Maldives you can pay around Rp. 850,000 for one night.

6. Ethereal Inn

Budget Hotels in Maldives

The Ethereal Inn, which is in the Sorryishi area, also offers a very cheap price, which is around Rp. 457,000 only for a night. But at Ethereal Inn you can enjoy comfortable room facilities, there are free wifi, tv, bathroom with warm water, and dishes at Ethereal Inn. This Ethereal Inn is indeed highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a low budget place to stay.

7. Raalhu Lodge

raalhu lodge

Raalhu Lodge which is located in the Himmafushi area is also very attractive, because the price of Raalhu Lodge lodging is only Rp. 462,798 only for one night. For the interior of Raalhu Lodge, it is simple, there is a table, air conditioning, wardrobe, clean and comfortable. Raalhu Lodge is really recommended for those of you who like low budget lodging, and don’t be surprised if bakcpakers really like staying at Raalhu Lodge, because the price is very pocket friendly.

8. Summer Villa Guest House

Cheap hotel in Maldives

Summer Villa Guest House, a budget hotel in the Maldives, which is also in the Sorryushi area, offers cheap accommodation prices. Because to stay at Summer Villa Guest House you only pay around Rp. 522,473 only for one night. at Summer Villa Guest House you can relax, see beautiful views on the Rooftop while enjoying the dishes that are available at Summer Villa Guest House. The facilities at Summer Villa Guest House are also complete, guys, there are bathrooms with hot water, free wifi, ac, tv, bar, and the location of Summer Villa Guest House is very close to the beach. So when you are bored in your room, you can go out while enjoying the beautiful stretch of sand in the Maldives.

9. Kurumba Villa

kurumba villa maldives

Kurumba Villa is one of the budget hotels in the Maldives which is in ninth place and is also located in the Sayangushi area. This Kurumba Villa offers comfortable rooms, and affordable prices, namely for a one night stay at Kurumba Villa you can pay around Rp. 562,971 for one night. From Kurumba Villa, you can enjoy several tours, namely on Sayangushi Island, Male Atoll, and Guraidhoo. The interior of Kurumba Villa is very natural, lots of plants, and the rooms at Kurumba Villa also have complete facilities. Among them are tv, free wifi, ac, and at Kurumba Villa you can have free breakfast. How is Kurumba Villa very interesting, right?

10. Narnia Maldives

Budget Hotels in Maldives

Narnia Maldives which has a minimalist interior filled with wooden interiors. Narnia Maldives is indeed very comfortable as a place to rest, and the prices offered by Narnia Maldives are very pocket friendly. To stay one night in Narnia Maldives you can pay around Rp. 651,000 for one night. For facilities there are bars, restaurants, free wifi, and comfortable rooms. If you are interested in staying at Narnia Maldives, you can come to the Sorryushi area, okay?

So, those are 10 budget hotels in Maldives. Recommendations for bakcpakers. Which you can try while in the Maldives. Hopefully this information is useful for you, don’t forget to like and share.

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