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10 Budget Hotels in Kathmandu Recommended by World Backpackers

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Kathmandu is indeed the best destination for those of you who like old cities, now in Kathmandu there is the old town and Buddhist Palace, and Hindu and budget hotels in Kathmandu which are a favorite of tourists while in Kathmandu. For those of you who don’t know, Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, and is the largest city in Nepal.

So don’t be surprised if to Nepal the city of Kathmandu is a tourist destination, because the tourism is cool, the food is delicious, there are lots of instagrammable spots, and Kathmandu also has hotels with cheap budgets. Really suitable for those of you who want a cheap vacation, So want to know a cheap bakcpaker-style hotel while in Kathmandu City? Check out the article below GoTravelly I will tell you the list of budget hotels in Kathmandu Recommended by bakcpakers in the world.

1. Good Vibe Homestay

Good Vibe Homestay, which is in the first place, does look majestic and minimalist from the outside. But do you know that the price of staying at Good Vibe Homestay is very affordable! So for 1 night at Good Vibe Homestay you only need to pay Rp. 173,990 only. For the facilities at Good Vibe Homestay, it is quite complete, there are spacious rooms, common living room, garden, private bathroom, restaurant, free wifi, and Good Vibe Homestay is really recommended for those of you who are working as professionals.

Address : Manamaiju, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.


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2. Hotel Kumari Inn

Hotel Kumari Inn

The Kumari Inn hotel in the Basundhara area has quite complete facilities, comfortable rooms, 24-hour service, free wifi, restaurants, private bathrooms, and many other facilities at the Kumari Inn Hotel. For the price of staying 1 night at Hotel Kumari Inn around Rp. 300,000. So what are you waiting for, let’s go to the Kumari Inn Hotel.

Address : Basundhara, Dhapasi, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

3. Khushi Homestay

Khushi Homestay

Khushi Homestay is also always a destination for backpackers because the price of staying at Khushi Homestay is very cheap, which is around Rp. 202,988 only for 1 night. In addition to having a low price, Khushi Homestay also has complete facilities, spacious rooms, free wifi, living room, restaurant, bathroom, and many other facilities at Khushi Homestay. The place is also very comfortable because the interior of Khushi Homestay is very minimalist, and really suitable for those of you who are looking for a cheap but clean hotel.

Address : Raniban Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

4. Sunrise Homestay Nepal

Sunrise Homestay Nepal

Sunrise Homestay Nepal is also no less interesting than cheap hotels in Kathmandu. Because Sunrise Homestay Nepal offers complete facilities, and the price per night is very cheap, which is around Rp. 289,983 only. Sunrise Homestay Nepal provides comfortable, clean room facilities, free wifi, and many more facilities that you can enjoy in this simple homestay.

Address : Dhapasi Marg, Tokha 44600, Nepal.

5. Nagarjun Homestay

Nagarjun Homestay

Nagarjun Homestay, which is located in the Banasthali area, is simple, but many backpackers choose to stay at Nagarjun Homestay, because Nagarjun Homestay has complete facilities, the rooms are comfortable, and the service from Nagarjun Homestay is friendly to visitors. For facilities here, there are comfortable rooms, bathrooms, free wifi, and many more facilities like hotels in general. The price for a night stay at Nagarjun Homestay is around Rp. 289,989 only.

Address : 183 Gyanjotimarga-2, Banasthali, Balaju, Ward no 16, Kathmandu, Nepal.

6. Sudha’s Garden Home

Sudha's Garden Home

When staying at Sudha’s Garden Home you will feel the sensation of being at home, because Sudha’s Garden Home is really comfortable, guys! Well besides being comfortable, Sudha’s Garden Home also has free wifi facilities, comfortable rooms, and much more. The most special thing is that the rate from Sudha’s Garden Home is only Rp. 86,453 only for 1 night. How is Sudha’s Garden Home really suitable for those of you who are looking for a low budget hotel?

Address : Tushal-Mahankal Rd, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

7. Manamaiju Homestay & Hotel

Manamaiju Homestay & Hotel

Manamaiju Homestay & Hotel is not inferior to the hotels listed above, because Manamaiju Homestay & Hotel offers only Rp. 71,657 only for 1 night. For facilities at Manamaiju Homestay & Hotel there is free wifi, comfortable rooms, clean rooms, 24-hour service, and Manamaiju Homestay & Hotel is really suitable for you who are backpakeran in Kathmandu.

Address : Hiledol Height, Manamaiju Tarakeshwar-10, Kathmandu, Nepal.

8. Sara’s Backpacker Hotel

Sara's Backpacker Hotel

The hotel, which is in eighth place, is indeed very pocket-friendly for backpackers who are on vacation in Kathmandu. Because the rate for 1 night stay at Sara’s Backpaker Hotel is only Rp. 19,583 only if you book at hostelwold. Now, even though Sara’s Backpaker Hotel is cheap, it turns out that the facilities at Sara’s Backpaker Hotel are also complete, guys, there is free wifi, comfortable rooms, bathrooms, and Sara’s Backpaker Hotel is also very clean, so that visitors staying at Sara’s Backpaker Hotel stay comfortable.

Address : Baniyatar Bridge Road 11, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

9. Be Here Now Guest House

Be Here Now Guest House

This Be Here Now Guest House is also a choice for backpackers while on vacation to Kathmandu. Because the facilities at Be Here Now Guest House are complete, there are restaurants, comfortable rooms, free wifi, and 24-hour service for visitors. the rate per night at Be here Now Guest House is around Rp. 261,100 only. This Be Here Now Guest House is quite large, and if you stay at the Be Here Now Guest House you can get a free breakfast. So don’t be surprised if Be Here Now Guest House is included in the list of budget hotels in Kathmandu. World baker’s recommendation.

Address : Kathmandu 15 Ropeway, Sadak, Sadak Ropeway, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

10. Flying Yak Kathmandu

flying yak kathmandu

The budget hotel in Kathmandu The world’s bakcpaker recommendation that is in the last line is Flying Yak Kathmandu. This hotel is really comfortable, guys! because the facilities from Flying Yak Kathmandu are quite complete, there are bars, free wifi, restaurants, free tea and coffee, 24-hour room service, comfortable rooms, and what attracts visitors the most is the cheap price of staying at Flying Yak Kathmandu. To stay at Flying Yak Kathmandu you only need to pay around Rp. 135,772 only for 1 night. How about Flying Yak Kathmandu, isn’t it really recommended for you to be an option while on vacation in Kathmandu? So instead of being curious, just come to Flying Yak Kathmandu.

Address : Thamel Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal.

So, those are 10 budget hotels in Kathmandu. World bakcpaker recommendations that you can choose while on vacation to Kathmandu! Cheap prices, economical, and certainly make your traveling fun!

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