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Zelensky Says 12,729 Ukrainians Successfully Evacuated Saturday

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KYIV – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his gratitude for international support.

Quoted from CNN, Zelensky also appealed to allies for more help.

“I keep repeating to our allies and friends abroad, they must continue to do more for our country, for Ukraine and Ukraine. Because it’s not just for Ukraine, but for all of Europe,” Zelensky said in a speech Saturday (12 /3/2022) local time.

“The crimes of deliberately targeting peaceful cities and ambulances and blowing up hospitals will not stop with just one country if they have the strength to keep going,” Zelensky said.

Zelensky also said humanitarian corridors in Ukraine were “working”, announcing 12,729 people had been evacuated on Saturday.

“All the humanitarian corridors — which have been agreed — have worked,” Zelensky said, adding “and then there will be humanitarian aid to Mariupol (but) because of the difficulties, they have to stop in Gdansk.”

Zelensky also vowed to bring the Russian invaders and their sympathizers to justice, saying “all invaders and all collaborators will know that Ukraine will not forget. Never, never. Ukraine will not forget. Ukraine will find them and will call them to account.” answer, each one of them.” (CNN)

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