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Zelensky: Russia will fight to the death if it dares to seize Ukraine’s capital

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Russian troops that they would face a battle to the death if they tried to seize the capital Kyiv.

“If they decide to make a carpet bomb and erase the history of this region and destroy us all, then they will enter Kyiv.”

“If that’s their goal, let them in, but they have to live in this land by themselves,” Zelensky said on Saturday (12/3/2022), quoted from Reuters.

The Ukrainian president said several small towns ceased to exist in the third week of the Russian invasion.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks during a press conference in Kyiv City (Kiev), Ukraine, Thursday (3/3/2022) local time. Volodymyr Zelensky called on the West to increase military aid to Ukraine. He said otherwise Russia would advance to the rest of Europe. “If you don’t have the power to close the sky, then give me a plane!” Zelensky said at a press conference. “If we don’t exist anymore then, God forbid, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia will be next,” he said. “Trust me,” he added. AFP/SERGEI SUPINSKY (AFP/SERGEI SUPINSKY)

This is known to be the largest attack on a European country since the Second World War.

Russian troops surrounded Ukrainian cities, trapped thousands of citizens and caused 2.5 million refugees to flee to neighboring countries.

Ukraine on Saturday accused Russia of killing seven civilians, including women and children, who tried to flee fighting near Kyiv.

France says Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown no readiness to make peace.

Ukraine’s intelligence agency said seven people, including one child, died while fleeing the village of Peremoha and that “the occupation forces the remnants of the troops to return.”

According to reports Al JazeeraIntelligence services initially said those killed outside Peremoha were in a “green corridor” agreed with Russia.

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