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The Yowis Ben franchise in December 2021 has finally come to the end of its story. Yowis Ben’s journey from 2018 to 2021 has brought his fans to the conclusion of the problems faced by each of the band’s personalities, namely Bayu Lukito (Bayu Skak), Doni Suhermanto (Joshua Suherman), Nando (Brandon Salim) and Yayan ( Tutus Thomson).

Their different characters, at first, caused a lot of chaos, but because of their love for the world of music, they finally reunited.

The audience for the past 3 years has accompanied their journey of life which began when they were in high school, with the faces of middle-aged teenagers until they finally became adults. But at the end of every meeting, there will certainly be a farewell that is applied as a closing.

Flashback to Yowis Ben’s band, the idea was originally born from Bayu Skak, who sent a synopsis in Javanese to Chand Parwez Servia, then when it was developed, Bayu Skak assisted by Fajar Nugros managed to turn it into a very successful film, under the auspices of Starvision.

In Yowis Ben, the concept of dialogue is in Javanese and the songs are also sung in Javanese, in 2018 it attracted attention. The character of the music is unique, unusual and different. Then the rhythm and lyrics of the song are simple, but easy to remember, and tell the struggles of the problems experienced by the teenagers.

Interestingly, it is not only a matter of mere romance, the storyline also brings with it the struggles that must be carried out in order to achieve success. Something simple but embedded in the daily life of the teenagers, as well as a little bit of family problems, so it felt like this film was indeed a film for young people at that time.

Then over time, finally the members and their fans grew older and experienced a process of maturation. This is also contained in the love that goes through ups and downs, parting and then meeting new ones, to discussing the problem of band development along with the ups and downs of the process of introducing the band further outside the city of Malang, where the band is from, to the city of Bandung until finally they managed to get a tour opportunity. around big cities.

Interestingly, here it is also told how in the music industry, there are also people who want to take advantage of the opportunity, so that Yowis Ben’s personnel experienced disaster and were deceived by their new manager.

But behind the problem, there is always a solution and it turns out that this time the solution was very interesting in the development of the band’s introduction mission, namely they were invited to go on a music tour from city to city.

Then when this music tour goes on, more complex problems are given, in line with increasing age and increasingly different thinking patterns.

In addition to feature-length films, Yowis Ben in 2020 also made a series version, as many as 12 episodes, in collaboration with Starvision and WeTV.

Only after that, in 2021, the big screen versions of Yowis Ben 3 and Yowis Ben Finale were made.

Overall, the Yowis Ban franchise, when viewed, consists of chapters. The introduction round, the maturation process until finally the farewell round, the closing that should be the end of all the stages that have been presented.

However, if you look more closely at Yowis ben Finale, it seems as if he gives a farewell chapter that feels burdensome. Until like it or not, there is hope that there is a possibility of a continuation of this story appearing, to be present as the end of the story.

Finale does not mean the end, but can be the beginning of a new process of its own. Of course, for fans, this is very much awaited, a truly final ending, not just a mere closing.

yowis ben

Accompanying the audience for these 3 years, the Yowis Ben franchise has indeed brought something new to the film and music industry in Indonesia. The songs produced, on average get a good response. and can easily be found on many channels from youtube, spotify and others. The social media of the actors are also followed by many people, so that one sentence that fits can be said, they have become a successful band.

The fans will certainly still expect the presence of these 4 personal bands in the future, because the finale is not necessarily the end of a story. (cinemags-news)

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