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Yowis Ben Finale airs closing the story of the Yowis Ben film tetralogy

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Discussing about Yowis Ben Finale, of course, can’t be separated from the film Yowis Ben, which premiered in 2018 and received an extraordinary response.

Since then, the film franchise has expanded and produced sequel films, and created its own world that the audience has always been waiting for.

This time, the film Yowis Ben Finale, will give something different to the audience by presenting the unforgettable story of the four characters Bayu, Yayan, Nando and Doni.

For those who want to watch, you can first see the trailer

Don’t miss the invitation to watch from the cast

On a special occasion to the media, producer Chand Parwez Servia , conveyed that the making of this film had gone through the struggle during the pandemic with the lockdown process and other related matters. But this actually makes this film has a special romance and must be conveyed to the audience immediately. His hope was realized with the screening and gala premiere showing that the band was also present to entertain the audience. The songs of the personnel are very popular on spotify.

The hope is to bring the audience closer to the film, the audience to the cast and the audience to the band.

Yowis Ben’s film is a celebration of Starvision, regarding his new collaboration and will be followed by other films until January 2022.

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Synopsis Yowis Ben Finale

It is said that Bayu is having problems with Cak Jon due to a misunderstanding. On the other hand, Bayu also has problems with Asih, Bayu’s new girlfriend.

Their relationship was broken because Asih thought Bayu was cheating on him. Doni still lives in a church because his parents came home from his hometown when he was on tour. Meanwhile, Nando secretly continues to try to realize his dream to study music abroad.

On the other hand, Nando even considers Bayu to belittle and not support his ideals. Another dispute occurred between Yowis Ben’s personnel. In fact, in one scene in the trailer, Bayu said that Yowis Ben had disbanded.

It turns out that Cak Jon also has his own problems, because he is still chasing his first love, namely Rini who already has a prospective soldier named Captain Arjuna. Cak Jon and Arjuna even fight in the ring to fight for Rini.

Yowis Ben Finale is still showing in theaters, you can watch it at the end of 2021

To be continued: Yowis Ben Phenomenon

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