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You made coffee at first, but the teaser poster for the Ben & Jody movie is full of action?

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What happens when two charismatic men who are used to brewing coffee suddenly get involved in a fierce fight? Ben’s figure (Chicco Jerrikho) in a state of injury with Jody (Rio Dewanto) above the pick-up car that appeared as a teaser poster for Ben & Jody immediately shocked social media.

The film, directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, is a character development from the IP (intellectual property) Filosofi Kopi. Separate and different from the previous two films, the Ben & Jody film produced by Visinema Pictures this time carries the action genre.

The genre shift is clearly visible in the official teaser poster for the film, as contained in Ben & Jody’s official Instagram account

It turns out that this is related to the decision of Angga Dwimas Sasongko as the director of the film Ben & Jody.

Furthermore, he said that this was the result of an experimental process he did with two other film producers, namely Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto.

Ben & Jody is an adventure in experimental IP (intellectual property) development and of course very brave. Switching genres from drama to action action is an interesting innovation to prove as a sustainable storytelling strategy“explained Angga.

This is similar to what was conveyed at the Visinema Week 2021 event, here Visinema Pictures released various films and their latest IP (intellectual property), including the film Ben & Jody.

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ben Jody cinemags

It was observed that the @OpiniTtengahMlm account, which shared the first look behind the scene photo of Ben & Jody, said that they couldn’t wait to see Ben and Jody’s action.

“Behind the scene of Ben & Jody which doesn’t make coffee, but becomes an action-packed film! As seen from the photo-
this photo, I think it will be an action film that must be waited for.”

Ben & Jody is set to hit theaters in 2022.

Ben Jody cinemags

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