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Yayan Ruhian Leads a Gang of Rogues!

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Visinema’s latest action film, Ben & Jody has released a new character poster. Released on Wednesday (12/22), the character poster shows 5 characters who look ruthless. As for the cast of the gang of delinquents led by Yayan Ruhian (Aa Tubir) respectively
are Fariz Alfarazi (Getem), Ricky Saldian (Pencor), Ari Lesmana (Gele), and Bebeto Leutualy (Encek).

Ruined Ben & Jody’s Friendship

Switching genres to action films, of course the Ben & Jody film requires a strong antagonist.
Sharing a little about Aa Tubir’s character who became the leader of a gang of thugs, Yayan Ruhian said he was the one who would destroy Ben and Jody’s friendship.

“He (Aa Tubir) himself doesn’t really care about what he wants. The bottom line is what he knows is that he is paid, what he must be like, and who gets in the way of his work, he brushes off. And of course I will try to destroy their friendship (Ben and Jody),” explained Kang Yayan.

Innovating by Switching Genres

Talking about his decision to switch genres, Angga Dwimas Sasongko as the director of the film Ben & Jody said that this was the result of an experimental process and the development of the Filosofi Kopi IP (intellectual property) that he did with Chicco Jerikho (Ben) and Rio Dewanto (Jody).

“Ben & Jody is an adventure in IP development that is full of experimental and daring. Switching genres from drama to action, I consider an interesting innovation to be proven as a sustainable storytelling strategy,” said Angga.

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