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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is predicted with a bigger screen

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The upcoming wearable device from Xiaomi, the Mi Band 7, will undergo several changes that are claimed to be of interest to users.

When many people think of wearables (wearable), we might think of devices like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, there are also devices wearable like the Mi Band from Xiaomi which is arguably one of the most underrated devices, because it is not only very functional, but also has an affordable price.

For those who prefer not to shell out too much for the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, then they might as well opt for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 7. Thanks to the information shared by Magical Unicorn, some details about the new wearable have been revealed.

Reported from Uberizmo (7/3), there are some changes that may be of interest to users, namely how the device is rumored to feature a larger screen than its predecessor, and how it will also feature an always-on screen (always-on-display/AOD). The report claims that the Mi Band 7 screen will change from 152 x 486 pixels on the previous model to 192 x 490 pixels.

There will also be at least seven watch faces (watch face) to choose from, and it says there will also be features like passcodes for extra security. Xiaomi may also bring back an enabling smart alarm feature wearable it calculates the optimal time to wake the user within 30 minutes after the alarm sounds. There’s no word on when the device will launch, but there will likely be other leaks.

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