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Xiaomi 12 Global Model Appears on Geekbench, Will Have 8 GB RAM

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Last year Xiaomi made a breakthrough by introducing the Xiaomi 11. After not long after the smartphone was introduced in the Chinese market, Xiaomi immediately moved quickly to launch it in a number of countries outside China, one of which was Indonesia.

Now! The same thing seems to be going back by Xiaomi to apply to the Xiaomi 12. Yes! Smartphones that carry premium flagship frills because they are powered by Snapdraon 8 Gen 1 are also planned to be brought to the global market aka out of China.

Xiaomi itself launched the Xiaomi 12 for the first time along with the 12 Pro and 12X models last month in China. Yes! Indeed, not a few hope that Xiaomi will soon bring the smartphone out of China. And Now it’s even more missed because the prototype Xiaomi 12 global model has appeared on Geekbench.

From the database on Geekbench, it was also answered that the Xiaomi 12 global model will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, just like its sibling that launched in China. The handset will have 8GB of RAM, and it’s still unclear if the global Xiaomi 12 will get a 12GB option like the one sold in China.

The software that the prototype device runs on is Android 12. So, at this point many are assuming that the global model will be launched running the MIUI 13 interface. We know this is Xiaomi 12 global having the model number 2201123G, as revealed in the previous certification in Indonesia.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is listed as having the model number 2201122G, and this means that, unlike last year’s Mi 11 Pro, the 12 Pro will also enter the global market. And that makes sense considering the delta size is between 12 and 12 Pro – from that point of view, the 12 Pro can be called the true successor to the Mi 11.

There should also be 12 Ultras, though these will likely join their brethren in the coming months. As we know, Xiaomi made a surprise launch of the M11 Ultra in March 2021. The smartphone was first introduced in China, not long after, Xiaomi brought it to the global market.

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