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Wregas Bhanuteja & the future of cinema in Indonesia

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The film industry in Indonesia is currently being stretched with pride.

After some time ago through a series of films, such as Revenge Longing Must be Paid Completely, Yuni, The Sea Calls Me, The Light Copyer received international awards.

When the 2021 Citra Cup was read yesterday, euphoria of joy and pride enveloped the place where this grand event was held.

This is due to the spirit of regeneration in this industry, which was seen very strongly when the film Pengalin Cahaya won a total of 12 awards. Yuni’s film managed to get 1 trophy, and the other films if traced will show the rise of the younger generation and regeneration in this film industry.

This special moment, indeed formed when the number 10 was successfully passed by the Copywriter of Light, cannot be denied that the spirit of revival and the emergence of young “heroes” will color the film industry for years to come.

This time, many new faces appeared and on average they did not expect to win this Citra Award, moreover they were competing with names that have been legendary so far and have also become their role models in the film industry.

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When President Jokowi attended this special event and gave his appreciation to Usmar Ismail (who had initiated the organization of FFI with Djamaluddin Malik, 66 years ago), and later awarded the title of National Hero to Mr. Haji Usmar Ismail, the Father of Indonesian Film, then this is like a torch. enthusiasm and hope for a bright future in the Indonesian Film Industry.

As if to answer this hope, Wregas Bhanuteja with his feature film Copying Cahaya became a beacon for the revival of Indonesian films.


If you look at the figure of a young man born in 1992, his track record in the world of film is indeed very prominent from the start.

Starting from the short film Prenjak, in 2016 he won an award at the prestigious international festival, the Cannes Festival. This was followed by the Cinema Nova Awards for Best Short Film Melbourne International Film Festival 2016, the Citra Award for Best Short Film at the 2016 Indonesian Film Festival, Silver Screen Awards, Best Short Film Singapore International Film Festival 2016 and Best Short Film Prague Short Film Festival 2016.

His work then continued on the film No One is Crazy in This Town (2019)

Copying Cahaya is his first feature-length film, and has also succeeded in providing a breakthrough and reason for netizens in Indonesia to pay more attention to his actions in the film world.


Wregas also humbly conveyed to the media present at the 2021 FFI event that he did not expect that his film would win so many awards and he did not at all think that it outperformed other films. According to him, FFI 2021 is an appreciation event, and this is not a matter of winning or losing.

Furthermore, Wregas conveyed his film about survivors. Here the survivor has to face negative accusations/views and has to prove that he is the victim.

This social issue is very universal and he reads a lot about incidents like this, so it makes his heart moved to make a film Copy of Light.

Regarding regeneration in the film sector, Wregas stated clearly that since time immemorial from the era of Usmar Ismail films were created and survived, because there was regeneration in the film industry and he felt that this was the beginning, a new generation and even though a new generation made this film in the middle pandemic, he is still able to make and finish this film well and he is sure that in the future, any challenges will be overcome.

Wregas Bhanuteja

As for his decision to show this film through the Netflix OTT platform, because he wants this film to be watched all over the world. Netflix can afford this. Furthermore, he will pay attention to world developments, to decide whether to show the films he will make next, whether to be shown on the OTT platform or in cinemas.

For those who can’t wait for this film to be shown, in the meantime, you can enjoy the following strains of the following song on BTS Copying Cahaya, while waiting for the official full soundtrack.

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