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Wow, WeTV Original Little Mom is in MURI! this is the reason…

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WeTV Original Little Mom, which premiered on the WeTV streaming platform on September 10, 2021, managed to enter the trending ranks of WeTV programs in 22 different countries at once and was included in the Indonesian-World Record Museum (MURI) for Indonesian Webseries Trending in the Most Countries (22 Countries). The series, starring a series of well-known young Indonesian artists, such as Natasha Wilona, ​​Al Ghazali, Teuku Rassya and Elina Joerg, even reached the #1 trending position in Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, Brunei and America. In addition, WeTV Original Little Mom is also trending in the Netherlands (#2), Hong Kong & France (#3), Germany (#4), Canada (#7) and Taiwan (#10).

Lesley Simpson, Country Head of WeTV and iflix Indonesia as well as Executive Producer of WeTV Original Little Mom, said that she was proud that WeTV was the pioneer of Indonesian content to be known internationally and entered MURI. “It’s great to hear WeTV Original Little Mom is trending abroad and is included in MURI for Indonesian Webseries Trending in the Most Countries (22 Countries), this indicates WeTV’s success in bringing Little Mom as local Indonesian content into the international market,” said Lesley Simpson.

Furthermore, Lesley Simpson also gave his appreciation to all the cast and production team involved. “The cast and supporters and the production team have put a lot of effort into producing content that is enjoyed by many people. This is a matter of pride for WeTV and also a motivation for us to always provide entertaining and quality content for viewers. Hopefully in the future there will be more local Indonesian content that is trending globally,” added Lesley Simpson.

WeTV Original Little Mom became an attraction not only because of the acting of the players who stole the public’s attention. But also in terms of stories and conflicts raised are issues that are close to everyday people. By watching WeTV Original Little Mom, viewers will be invited to follow the twists and turns of Naura’s journey through pregnancy out of wedlock in her teens and how she continues to struggle to achieve her goals. In addition, his love triangle with Keenan and Yuda and his rivalry with Celine will be the spice of this story.

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As an entertainment application that provides interesting Asian content, WeTV provides various series that can be watched for free. Viewers don’t have to worry about missing out on the best variety of shows because WeTV broadcasts simultaneously all over the world, from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, to foreign countries. To enjoy faster broadcasts, currently new subscribers can receive VIP price promos and only need to pay a subscription fee of IDR 15,000 in the first month to become a VIP subscriber, an economical price to enjoy a variety of shows. Other advantages include that viewers can comment or comment together through the flying comment feature, another unique feature that only exists in the WeTV application. WeTV’s various conveniences and maximum service support make this application popular among Asian drama lovers.

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Besides being able to be enjoyed on the desktop, WeTV can also be downloaded from the mobile application, be it on Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store) devices.

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