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Wow! Even though it looks simple, this tote bag turns out to be the most sought after item in the world

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Maybe this bag is not an expensive object that can be auctioned up to 4 billion rupiah. But this bag has caught the world’s attention since it was uploaded to Twitter. tote bag With a simple design that only contains writing in Arabic letters, it has received 200 thousand comments on social media.

Then what makes this bag a topic of conversation among netizens around the world? This incident began when a journalist from Germany, Nader Al-Sarras, saw someone using the bag while he was on the train. Then he took a photo of it and uploaded it to social media. He also wrote down the meaning of Arabic writing on the bag. “This post has no other purpose, only to scare those who are afraid of Arabic,” Nader wrote.

Since then, this bag from a design studio in Israel called Rock Paper Scissors has been flooded with orders from all over the world. Sold for USD 7 or around IDR 92,000. This bag was made by two friends from their time at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Tel Aviv, namely Sana Jammalieh and Haitham Charles Haddad.

To, they explain the reason behind choosing this Arabic script design. “Because this is our language and part of who we are and we think it should be part of the urban landscape. We noticed that Arabic was slowly disappearing from directions and public places. But today, the place where we live, everyone is wearing T-shirts that say Arabic as a political statement.”

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