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Wow cool! PUMA and UEG Collaborative Collection Inspired by Astronaut Outfit

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Defying Gravity..

After Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, now Puma is back ‘spreading its wings’ to present another cool collection. This time, brand The German shoe collaborated with a well-known Polish label, UEG.

The collaboration of these two presents a series of men’s shoes with a masculine and futuristic look in a monochromatic color palette. Not only shoes, various outfits such as sweaters, T-shirts, and shorts also complete the collection created especially for this edition autumn/winter this 2016. UEG is known as a label that is very strict on the quality standards of their collection range such as usability and simplicity of appearance. This collaboration is no exception, UEG also expresses these characteristics.

Reported from, this collection is inspired by Astronaut clothing so you can imagine if the material chosen is high-tech materials. Reportedly, this collection will go on sale in September.

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