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Wow! 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World Offer Super Complete Facilities

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Everyone would want to go holiday and stay in the most expensive hotels in the world. This is done because the most expensive hotels will usually provide supporting facilities and have an attractive design. If you stay at the most expensive hotel, you will get maximum comfort and security, don’t be surprised if the hotel has a high rate.

Not all hotels are able to provide complete facilities and support the comfort of the residents, because providing facilities also requires a large budget. This is what makes the price and facilities are interrelated components. Not only millions, the most expensive hotels in the world have prices up to billions per night.

The charm of the most expensive hotel in the world often makes most people curious and want to try staying there. Sometimes people want to take a vacation while calming down so they need a comfortable place to stay while on vacation. By staying at a quality hotel, you can replenish your energy so that you are fresh again. The following is a charming reference for the most expensive hotel

1. Palms Casino Resort

The hotel, which is located in Las Vegas, United States, is claimed to be the most expensive hotel and has up to 700 rooms and six quite luxurious nightclubs. This hotel is one of the subscription hotels for Hollywood celebrities because it has complete and charming facilities. The rate for this hotel is around 575 million per night.
By spending that much money you will not be disappointed with the comfort and facilities provided by this hotel. Minimalist and modern design, this hotel room looks charming and will certainly provide comfort for you. This hotel is quite famous and has many visitors.


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2. Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite

Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite

This hotel can be a mainstay when you visit the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Costing 1.1 billion makes this hotel one of the most superior in Switzerland. In addition, the rooms provided get the title of the largest room in the entire European continent. If you talk about the facilities, there is no need to doubt it.
You can even see the beauty of the Alps from inside the room. Your vacation time will be more memorable and will not be forgotten.

3. Burj Al Arab

  Burj Al Arab

From the name alone you may already know that this hotel is located in Dubai. This country is famous for luxury and has beautiful buildings. This hotel is one of the superior facilities owned by Dubai. In fact, this hotel has earned the title of a seven-star hotel with unique facilities.
The mainstay of this hotel is a restaurant under the sea. You can feel a different sensation when you eat at this hotel. To be able to stay at this hotel, you need to prepare funds of around 400 million per night.

4. Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa

Grand Resort Lagonissi Royal Villa

From the name, of course, you would have guessed that this hotel carries a luxury theme. All facilities are presented to satisfy customers. This hotel is located in the city of Athens, Greece. The facilities presented are arguably very luxurious with charming open sea views.
The first impression when you see this hotel, of course you will feel living in a kingdom because of its luxury. This hotel is priced quite high, which is for 720 million per night.

5. Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate

  Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate

This hotel offers a unique and beautiful panorama. You can enjoy the natural beauty right from the bed, the facilities provided are also very complete and make visitors feel at home at this hotel. This hotel is located in the Republic of the Fiji Islands. It is quite far and remote, but for those of you who want to relax this is the best choice.
Each visitor will get a personal driver, personal cook, airstrip to private babysitters. So you don’t have to worry if you go with your family. This hotel charges 632 also per night. The right price for the best facilities.

6. Hotel Plaza Athens

Hotel Plaza Athens

This hotel is located in the charming city of Paris. Paris is famous as a country with a romantic and charming impression. This hotel offers rooms directly facing the Eiffel Tower. So from inside your room you can enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. The furniture and designs used by this hotel are arguably of the best quality.
When entering the room, you will feel the impression of luxury and can be comfortable. The design which is dominated by gold color makes the room look elegant. For the price per night, this room is priced at 431 million per night.

7. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine

Lover's Deep Luxury Submarine

For those who want to stay on a luxury ship, then this hotel can be an option. This hotel has a unique concept and uses a submarine. So you can immediately see the underwater scenery. This ship-shaped hotel will dive as far as 198 m under the sea. Of course it’s amazing isn’t it.
The uniqueness of this hotel is unmatched by others, but if you want to stay there, you need to prepare around 4 billion funds.

8. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

This hotel looks special and elegant because it carries an all-white theme with sea view facilities. From the hotel you can immediately enjoy an amazing sea view. This hotel is located in a city called Cannes, France. To enjoy this charming atmosphere you need to spend 661 million.
However, the facilities provided are amazing, you can enjoy the soothing sea breeze and wake up with a view of the blue and beautiful sea.

9. Raj Palace

  Raj Palace

Hotel If you want to feel the sensation of living in a 250 year old palace, then you must stay at this hotel. Raj Place is one of the famous hotels in Jaipur, India. Its luxurious decoration makes this hotel one of the most expensive hotels in the world.
Most of the furniture and decorations used are gold plated. No wonder you have to pay 618 million per night to be able to stay there. Raj Place is a hotel that is considered very expensive on the Asian continent.

10. Four Seasons Hotel New York

Nearest hotel

This hotel is quite famous because it has many branches. One of the best branches is the one in New York. From the location of this hotel, you can immediately enjoy the magnificent view of Manhattan Island. The uniqueness of this hotel room is that there is a waterfall in the room that flows from the ceiling.
This is a facility that other hotels do not have. This uniqueness makes visitors willing to spend 646 million for every night.
To be able to stay at the most expensive hotel in the world, you need to prepare a large enough fund. Determining where to live while on vacation can be adjusted to the tastes and funds owned by each person. If you want to get superior facilities, then you also have to spend more money.

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