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World Fashion Trends Are Growing Fast in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, – Trends fashion the world is growing rapidly in Indonesia. Various models and types of clothing continue to appear which are warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by lovers fashion.

“Look attractive by wearing fashion cool items, and up to date considered as a way of expressing oneself that can be shown to the general public,” said Nico Prasetya, shop owner in the press statement received Investor DailyMonday, December 13, 2021.

Not only that, according to Nico, the style of dress is believed to also reflect one’s personality. In Indonesia, the trend fashion continues to develop from day to day. The development occurs because of the presence of talented local fashion designers who never lack ideas in creating the latest clothing models to attract market interest. This condition also helps the Indonesian economy, one of which is in the retail sector.

Right now, Nico said, the trend fashion in Indonesia is dominated by style Korean and western, although there are also Indonesian characteristics. Brand Outsiders are also very well known and have a strong influence on the Indonesian market. Even so, right now brand local has started to grow and is no less competitive with brand famous outside.

Existence brand increasingly supported by the ease of marketing their products. Because, right now, there are already many e-commerce which can be selected when shopping.

Presence e-commerce make it easier for world actors fashion in marketing their products with a wider range. In fact, buyers get convenience with a large selection of products that can be purchased. In the past, shopping had to go to a store or market, now it can be done from home, namely by shopping online at e-commerce, webstoreand social media.

“, one of the shops on line in e-commerce which sells products in the form of nightgowns, comes with quality products and affordable prices. During a pandemic like today, nightgowns are in great demand because most people are active at home or at home work from home,” explained Nico.

Nico who focuses on the business field fashion the nightgown model said, this business has arrived in the shopping world on line since 2016. Every product sold is a local product designed by the shop owner.

According to Nico, the market e-commerce in terms of fashion in the future will prioritize branding or brand, quality, and competitive price.

Editors : F Rio Winto ([email protected])

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