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Without a drug push, these 9 natural ways can launch an irregular menstrual cycle

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Are your menstrual cycles being blocked, Beauties? If you are experiencing this, don’t worry first, because it turns out that there are several ways to get your menstrual cycle back to normal.

Well, as reported by detikHealth, here it is how to start the menstrual cycle. Let’s see more information here!

1. Take Enough Rest

Take adequate rest
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How to launch the first menstrual cycle is to provide adequate rest time. Lack of rest can make the body tired so that the work of the organs in the body is less balanced. Adequate sleep can help the body and mind relax and keep the hormones regulating menstruation working.

2. Avoid Stress

Controlling stress is also one of the tips for regular menstruation. When stressed, the body will produce excess cortisol hormone which affects the hypothalamus hormone, which is a hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle.

3. Maintain Weight

Maintain weight
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You also have to keep your weight normal so that the menstrual cycle becomes regular. The body is too thin or too fat can affect the hormones in the body. Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, exercise regularly, and drink water.

4. Meditate

Tips for launching menstruation can also be done by doing meditation. Meditation can reduce stress and balance hormone levels in the body. You can start by breathing in a quiet place sitting outdoors or indoors with an upright sitting position and relax and calm your mind.

5. Yoga Practice

Yoga practice
Yoga Practice/Photo:

Yoga is one of the sports that can be used as tips to launch menstruation after giving birth. In order to avoid injury, make sure you choose yoga movements that are simple and minimal risk.

6. Consumption of Healthy Food

Consumption of healthy foods is the key to launching menstruation naturally. A balanced diet can prevent late menstruation. In addition, foods containing vitamin D should not be left behind for consumption.

7. Change Contraceptive Devices

Change contraception
Change Contraceptive Devices/Photo:

Late menstruation can also be affected by the contraceptive you use. Some people who use certain types of contraception, such as birth control injections, can make their periods irregular. The way to launch menstruation after family planning is to change the suitable contraceptive method.

8. Do Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy is generally done by giving drugs that contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone in certain doses. Hormone therapy is usually given to women with irregular menstrual cycles that make it difficult to get pregnant, such as women with PCOS.

9. Use Traditional Medicine

Use traditional medicine
Use Traditional Medicine/Photo:

Although research on traditional medicine can launch menstruation has not been widespread. But you can try traditional medicines such as ginger and turmeric as tips to smoothen your menstrual pattern.

Well Beauties, those are tips to make your menstrual pattern smooth. However, if you’ve done some of the tips above but haven’t experienced any changes, then you should check with an expert to avoid unwanted things. Hope it is useful!


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